From Jedi Master@21:1/5 to All on Fri May 26 12:51:28 2023
    Democratic capitalism is based on free enterprise and private capital used to produce goods and services whereas communism outlaws all private capital and wealth which is then stolen from the mercantile class by the monolithic communist labor class also
    known as totalitarianism. Thus private property rights given by nature's Creator is outlawed by the communist greed for political power and wealth also known as the dictatorship of the labor class which is dialectical materialism and political atheism.

    Communists do not acknowledge the pluralistic social order of labor, merchants, military, and intellectuals created by nature's Creator but instead worship their own man made god and monolithic government. Thus communism is nothing but an evil empire in
    disguise and is tantamount to slavery because it is a defacto military police state.

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