• Shouldn't you be sprayed with orange paint and noticed too much by now?

    From [o;-@21:1/5 to All on Thu Nov 24 03:13:50 2022
    oi, I've seen billions of iris, smoked millions of cigarettes, drank my weight in whiskey 9 times over, smoked a quarter ton of ganga, etc.. my point, it's the manore poisoning from the food, malnourishment, and inbreeding killing y'all far more than
    murders and war combined.

    Current news:
    Whereas I could do or not do very much, but am not omnipotent in my opinion.. ..I've decided to sell some gold, ethically and legally, which I made myself using only paper lunch bags, glass jars, a hammer, a cooking pot, distilled water, clean #2 copper,
    fire, sunlight, a few green chilli peppers, and a little purple cabbage. ...also, if you happen to own Bagdad, Arizona or equivalent, and wish to spend one million dollars to learn turning copper to gold, text me at 5305002001.
    ~, Dr. HRB

    State of japan:
    ..They disconnected from all their port from their island, sunk by a rock from space even though we could move the rock and build them a functional eastern navel wall. All of you kinda still look like 90 pounds of sh't in a 9 pound sack plus 2 pounds of
    pork fat. Easy to fix. [o;-)

    Official Invitation to Mount Shasta : app.box.com/s/dmsn1y6sbvwlq1bzrbqa1qsso3dpqh1i

    ˙pǝʌɹǝsǝɹ sʇɥƃᴉɹ ll∀
    © Dr. Hunter Reon Barnes, PhD, D.S.

    A mystery unravels quickly?¿

    Every grandmother/babushka/ishishma, exempt from charges, curses, and judgements, bonus if made a girl that made a girl, plus I bought each of them an extra 5 years of space without you with a scrabble board, occasionally each other, occasionally me,
    better food, did I mention without you plus more than they earned on their own for a house they don't have to leave, would enjoy such if so, and would return to, plus an HD widescreen playing only classic game show but in black and white though filmed in
    color. ... ..Damn, I don't believe in voting anymore either G. ~ H.

    Also, adding to the 3.6, "I bet you wont smoke a nazi honkey."

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