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    #1 I Have A Professional Cornet Electrosmog Meter.

    #2 I Recently Purchased A TCL Flip Phone
    Which Gives Off Radiation At Peak Levels
    (Red / Danger) At 1827, While In Use.
    Frightening High Levels.

    Regular Pinging From Cell Towers
    Has The Flip Phone At Levels Around 300.
    (Red / Danger).

    When Phone Is Not Being Pinged, The
    Radiation Levels Are Not A Problem.
    However As Soon As The Very Regular
    Pinging Takes Places, The Numbers
    Go Through The Roof.
    (Red / Danger)

    #3 My Smart Phone Gives Off Radiation
    At Around 500 -- Up To 1200 While In Use.
    (Red / Danger).

    #4 Headaches And Muscles Aches, Fatigue,
    Appeared When I Purchased The Flip Phone (4G)

    #5 Bluetooth Device Will Not Lessen
    Radiation Dangers.

    #6 Old Style Handset Which Attaches To
    Input Jack, Along With Extra Extension
    Cord Appears To Be A Solution, Though
    I Have Yet To Purchase That Product.


    #7 A Previous Employer Who Used A Motorola
    Cellphone, And Was Always On The Phone
    Conducting Business -- She Was Diagnosed
    With Brain Cancer And Did Not Survive.

    #8 Friends Of Mine Have Been Complaining
    Of Headaches, Use Their Cellphones Constantly.
    Thinking It Is High Blood Pressure -- The Source Of
    The Problem Is The Cellphone.


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