• Japan, hawai, ruskia, and australia belong to japan, the americas don't

    From pissed.off@the.controls@21:1/5 to All on Wed Apr 21 05:36:21 2021
    I'm going to ask once that you stay away from my bathroom / exotic one of a kind endagered wildlife preserve... and myself ( only since you not money or pùssy ).

    Whereas I don't believe I can keep any of you scared strait or on track for more than four minutes, while I've got you not wanting to sh't yourself to mars,.. Try to understand when I enlisted in the U.S. Army a little more than twenty years ago, they
    noticed I had the highest asvab score possible, was effectively actively engaged since birth, and was taking the oath of service seriously, they handed me a top secret security clearance, a 9 volt battery, the fact that they were all hardwired to die,
    and requested I destroy anything of ours our enemy would be using against us either right before they do or as they try.. also later they requested I explain things as they actually are.. During my twenty years of service, the army made no other requests
    of me, but to date still haven't granted any of my requests, but I would actually bet five dollars against any of you staying permanantly funkwired faulty even though I've never seen any of you any other way. The process of deportation is already
    underway, or why
    I would ever bother mentioning anything to any of you, and I'm far more talented than anything called anything of any time especially anything excepting anyone or worse, ..could I get you to keep any gold jewelry or coins you have or obtain cleaned
    regularly because it can pass disease unlike all our coin currency, new or old gold, and prefer silver even though gold is about to drop about 400 bucks to kill or sick as many of you as possible, everything you could chinese facemask disease yourselves
    with is known and I'd love to avoid dec 5, 95 to apr 11, 96 if I could, I'm deporting everything from america I can, especially if I could imprison it here. Join the antish't rye cult if you can.


    Anything serious about purchasing nutritional therapy from me enough, could. I don't bank on that happening even once, Japan, retarded, cultured retards via inbreeding and malnutrician and brainwash and conditioning, and made them believe god did it,
    while explaining how you would eventually discover them and your entire pirate retard history.

    © Hunter Reon Barnes

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