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    On my Oxfam calendar it says that January 17 is/was
    World Religion Day.

    But now it is after midnight here, so it is January 18, which
    doesn’t have any religious holiday listed, which might
    keep the atheists happy.

    The same calendar says that January 19 is
    Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti
    but Wikipedia says that is on January 20, so maybe it
    varies with time zones???

    The same calendar says that January 20 is Bodhi Day;
    it is also first quarter moon, which I think was also
    important to the ancient Breton druids (there are tales of
    winter cutting of mistletoe on the sixth day of the
    moon, and previously I have thought that would
    be six days after dark of moon, but now I think it
    is six days after the first observable waxing crescent,
    but correct me if I am wrong).

    (and for me, it is D-moon)


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