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    Looking for Star Trek Discovery season 1 Episodes 6 onwards in english.
    Why does it seem there are no posts any more ???


    Christian Hip-Hop artist Marz has seen and experienced a lot of things
    in his life. He has been witness to the utter depravity of sin, the
    darkness caused by evil, and the fortunes and misfortunes of fame. He
    has also felt the healing touch of God, the breaking free of addiction,
    and a complete 180-degree life change of himself. What started as a long
    road down to destruction, has turned into beautiful conversion story.

    This is his story…

    Marz’s story starts in 1970 in a country that was previously called Yugoslavia. He was born to a Croatian Catholic mother and a Bosnian
    Muslim father. Since then, the country has become a series of smaller
    countries after war tore it apart. A young Zlatko Hukic (Marz), along
    with his family left the country when he was eight and they became
    immigrants living in Chicago, Illinois. From that early age, he was
    exposed to a lot of the perils of the city. It was the late 70s, early
    80s, and drugs and gangs were running rampant in the city.



    (c) 2017 Dolf Leendert Boek, Revision: 2 December, 2017

    This Facebook post was repeatedly subject to censorship as deleted by
    “The Free Thought Project” without reasonable cause and who as a
    misnomered and supremacist organisation exercise prejudiced hedonism
    against life by their indolent manner as the intolerance which is the
    American Dream of vacuity.


    Piet had told me that every man needs a solitary place to daydream and
    be himself. He felt that daydreaming is a definite key to
    self-discovery, finding one’s place in the world. I often wondered if
    the majority of Dutch people ever daydreamed.

    What did Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Gustav Mahler, Henry David
    Thoreau, Thomas Jefferson, and Virginia Woolf have in common with my dad
    Piet? All these great artistic men and woman had their schuur (shed)
    either on a mountain or in their backyard. Piet had his in the backyard.
    Not that Piet would have equated himself with these great men; his
    cultural influence was too Calvinist for that, leaving him sober and self-deprecating. Yet he made some of the most beautiful models of
    vintage ships that I had ever seen. Of course I am biased; he was my
    dad. We called the shed de schuur. Whenever we would ask Bets where Piet
    was, she would answer, ‘Why do you ask? You know he is in his schuur.’ Wherever we lived, Piet had his schuur, although it was by any measure
    not conventional.

    The schuur centre was where beautiful things were made and happened.

    From day one in Australia, Piet maintained his craft of building wooden
    model ships, specializing in vintage ships. He would spend hours
    carving, bowing, and sawing chiselling, bending, nailing, and measuring. Friends or strangers would just sit in the schuur near him and watch,
    often silently, sometimes quietly talking in the background. There would frequently be quiet music, street organs, light classical, Vera Lynne,
    Glen Miller, Duke Ellington, Corrie Brokken, Annie De Reuver, Toon Hermans—the singers and musicians of his youth.

    People wondered why Piet would make these beautiful ships. Was he
    homesick for the Dutch waters, the river barges, the open North Sea, or
    did he want to relive his memories through making models? Ships and
    crafts were used as teaching aids by our parents for us kids; there was
    a story attached to everything they made. Bets would make and teach
    crafts for the Leopold Uniting Church, where young women would come and
    learn. At times, the financial situation would be bad, and some of the
    ships would be sold to the antique shops in Toorak, helping the family
    out of difficult situations. He made ships of his youth, and the ones he
    had worked on, such as the Koningin Emma (Queen Emma), a ferry ship
    crossing to and fro on the River Scheld. Piet worked on this ferry after
    he and his mates returned from police action in Indonesia and it had a
    lot of meaning for him. He often said that the shapes of ships were like beautiful women, symmetric curves, well-balanced and designed to move
    swiftly through the fluids of life.

    He built several models of James Cook’s ship, the Endeavour. Piet
    realized that Captain Cook was a revered personage in Australia and the building of the Endeavour would show that we Dutch were not only eager
    to assimilate, but also eager to create a common element which we could
    talk about with Australians, when we exhibited the splendid models.
    After the Endeavour, models of other famous English ships followed, such
    as Francis Drake’s Golden Hind, the first ship to circumnavigate the
    world, then Captain Bligh’s Bounty, of Mutiny on the Bounty fame. Local models were not forgotten. After a visit to Loch Arch Gorge near the
    Victorian coastal town of Warrnambool, he was impressed. He made a visit
    to the wreck site of the clipper Loch Arch, and wrote away to Scotland
    for plans of the Loch Arch; it took him almost two years’ time to build
    this magnificent and historically relevant sailing clipper.

    One of his crown ships he made, besides the infamous but beautiful
    Batavia, was the crown jewel of all of Piet’s models: De Zeven
    Provincien (Seven Provinces), named after original provinces of the
    Dutch Republic when it declared independence from Spain. De Zeven
    Provincien was the flagship of the famous Dutch national hero Admiral
    Michiel De Ruyter, a fellow Zeelander, who sailed up the River Thames,
    causing the city of London to be evacuated. There were always exciting
    stories, and he would entrance me with them as he was building his

    [IMAGE: DE ZEVENPROVINCEIN (SEVEN PROVENCES) as some of the treasures
    made within solitude within de SCHUUR (SHED)]

    He would tell me about the Battle of Solebay, which had a combined
    French/ English fleet of seventy-four major warships against a
    (victorious!) Dutch fleet of sixty-two. Of course history has forgotten
    this; Piet was convinced that the English made sure it would be
    forgotten. The Solebay battle pitted eighty-five Dutch warships against
    an English fleet that eventually numbered at least seventy-four major
    warships over a period of four days! Yet the English still credit
    Trafalgar as the ‘greatest’ of sea battles! As kids, we all loved to
    hear the stories of when De Ruyter and his fleet not only sailed up the
    Thames and the Medway, destroying and carrying off a major portion of
    the English fleet, but actually continued there for over a month,
    blockading the Thames, terrorizing London, and raiding up and down the
    river at will! Yet so little is written about this by the English. The
    captured trophies of the Dutch invasion of England are still on display,
    such as the stern carving of the biggest English warship, the Royal
    Charles, captured by the Netherlanders still hangs with pride in the Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam.

    Of the many stories told in the schuur was this one, still my favourite:
    The Zeven Provincien was ordered to search for forty captured Hungarian Protestant ministers. They had been sold to the Spanish fleet to serve
    as galley slaves. De Ruyter had an inkling that they were kept in a
    Naples prison by the Catholic forces. The Neapolitans denied it, but De
    Ruyter persisted, and anchored in the dead silence of the night, the
    Dutch fleet blockaded Naples. In the middle of the first blockading
    night, every sailor heard the prisoners sing Psalm 116. Admiral De
    Ruyter immediately gave the Neapolitans an ultimatum: release the
    Protestant ministers or face a bombardment aimed at annihilating Naples.
    The twenty-six survivors sang Psalms 46, 114, and 125 as they were being transferred to the Zeven Provincien on February 11, 1676. When the
    transfer was complete, they knelt on the deck in their rags and
    emaciated condition and sang Psalm 116. The Dutch seamen, who seldom
    shed tears, wept openly. How did the Dutch know that the Hungarians (who
    spoke no Dutch) were singing Psalms 46, 114, 125, and 116? Because they
    were singing them in Hungarian on the Geneva tunes the same as Dutch tunes.

    My oma had paintings done for our rooms about Michiel De Ruyter climbing
    the church tower in Vlissingen (Flushing) to look out for the English
    fleet and so save Zeeland from the naughty English.

    It is worth noting that Piet made all things by hand from second-hand materials; everything that was recyclable was used. He never purchased
    anything ready-made from hobby shops; for him, every little thing had to
    be authentic and handmade as it was originally done. He was fastidious
    in detail and quality; everything had to be authentic. The Zeven
    Provincien took Piet nearly three years to build with painstaking
    patience. If a cannon was not perfect, he would make it over and over
    again until it was perfect. The whole family became involved in the
    history of the Zeven Provincien. According to Piet, the Dutch would have
    lost against the English fleet if they did not have this ship and they
    would not have had supremacy of the seas for nearly a hundred years.

    For more than fifty years, Piet worked on his models, but never at the
    expense of his family. We were proud of our dad and he transferred many
    of his skills and personal attributes to his offspring.

    In all our lives, there are aspects that define a person’s life
    signature. For Piet’s, it is love for all things maritime, especially
    the building of model boats and vintage ships. He had made many VOC
    ships of the Dutch golden century; this gave us a sense of love for
    history and the contribution our Dutch forefathers, such as
    parliamentary democracy, discovery of new lands, banking and stock
    markets, being good world citizens. Piet’s ship told these stories
    because they were part of the Dutch global economy, begun in 1602 with
    the founding of Batavia, now Jakarta. As a truly talented craftsman, he
    loved books and reading, albeit nearly all maritime books. What happened
    to the schuur? It is still standing; as I am looking at it right now, it
    needs to be painted. The books are packed in crates; maybe they need to
    be unpacked. The flags are folded; maybe they need to be unfolded. The
    poetry on the wall is fading; maybe they need to be refreshed. The roof
    is leaking in tiny spots; maybe it needs patching. The ships? Some of
    them are in museums, and most of them are displayed in the living rooms
    all over the world. The schuur remains a man’s shed; even when I enter
    it today and friends come and visit, it reverberates hope, consistency, nostalgia of a quieter, more stable time, a time when men used their
    hands and brains and built things of worth. The schuur continues.



    “It’s very addictive.
    It becomes a habit.
    After you realise.
    How peaceful.
    And calm it is.
    It’s like you don’t.
    Want to deal with people.
    Anymore because they
    Drain your energy.” [Jim Carrie epitaph, The Free Thought Project, 2
    December 2017]


    [IMAGE: James Eugene Carrey (17 January, 1962) is a Canadian-American
    actor, comedian, impressionist, screenwriter, and producer. He is known
    for his highly energetic slapstick performances]

    WIKIPEDIA PROFILE: "Carrey met model and actress Jenny McCarthy in 2005
    and made their relationship public in June 2006. In April 2010, the two
    ended their near five-year relationship. Despite the split and media circulations, McCarthy stated in October 2010 that, 'Jim and I are still
    good friends'.

    On September 28, 2015, Carrey's former girlfriend, Cathriona White, a
    native of County Tipperary, Ireland, was found dead from a prescription
    drug overdose. The couple first met in 2012. Carrey was a pallbearer at
    her funeral in Tipperary.

    On September 19, 2016, Mark Burton, White's husband from 2013 until her
    death, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Carrey, claiming that
    Carrey used his "immense wealth and celebrity status" to illegally
    obtain and distribute prescription drugs involved in her death. Carrey
    released a statement the following day:

    What a terrible shame. It would be easy for me to get in a back room
    with this man’s lawyer and make this go away, but there are some moments
    in life when you have to stand up and defend your honour against the
    evil in this world. I will not tolerate this heartless attempt to
    exploit me or the woman I loved. Cat's troubles were born long before I
    met her and sadly her tragic end was beyond anyone’s control. I really
    hope that some day soon people will stop trying to profit from this and
    let her rest in peace.

    In October 2016, White's mother Brigid Sweetman also filed a wrongful
    death lawsuit against Carrey.

    In this lawsuit, Sweetman's attorney states that Carrey had undergone a
    test for sexually transmitted infections, and "purposely hid the results
    from Ms. White, whom he was intimately involved with, and failed to
    inform her that he had tested positive for Hepatitis A, HSV (Herpes) I
    and II, and Chlamydia. To make matters worse, Carrey then proceeded to
    have unprotected sex with Ms. White with full knowledge that he was STD positive."

    Sweetman herself later issued a statement: "These documents show that
    Jim Carrey has lied to the media, the public and the court. Carrey has
    now been shown for what he is — a dishonest Hollywood celebrity who
    thinks he can say anything and fool people just because he is famous." [<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Carrey>]

    What pessimistic psycho-babbling diatribe:

    #1 - Singularity as ensuring viability to any formula of autonomy has precedence;
    #2 - Reciprocity as anchorage / centrality with others is a delimitation
    of the former;
    #3 - How you mutually and agreeably choose to enjoy your opportunities
    with others ought to be negotiable;
    #4 - Avoid circumstances where the integrity of persons is compromised
    by the intentions of others;
    #5 - Acknowledge the cause for any disharmony and peaceably strive for resolution;
    #6 - Always make a better choice as the principle for self actualisation
    (you need to happily live with an opportunity);
    #7 - Understand that everything you do, say, want or refuse comes with constraints and means.

    That’s just a quick 5 minute hypothetical sketch which doubtlessly may
    be improved upon.

    Have you got something other than a glib statement Jim?

    It’s life Jim but not as we know it ...

    YOUTUBE: “It’s Life Jim”





    Initial Post: 2 December 2017

    On 10/11/17 8:21 pm, Marz@getfucked.com wrote:
    Looking for Star Trek Discovery season 1 Episodes 6 onwards in english.
    Why does it seem there are no posts any more ???

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    (c) 2017 Dolf Leendert Boek, Revision: 1 December, 2017

    The purpose of this third revision of this same post is to demonstrate
    the perennial orbital phenomenon which occurs when one’s statements /
    actions have concordance and thereby an integrity rather than a
    promiscuous circumstantiality in its correspondence to the paradigm of
    MIND which is the trinomial mathematical theoretical noumenon.

    Although there is a further development within thinking, there is no abandonment of the words written the year prior and in point of fact (2
    years prior) as substantial opinion I could include the words here and now.

    DOLF @ 0714 HOURS ON 1 DECEMBER 2016 (2 YEARS PRIOR): “I had an
    interesting conversation with a German man and friend who expressed a
    cultural concern to me about holocaust guilt, which started me thinking.
    I replied that Heidegger was responsible for much of the transformative thinking to Western philosophy of the age and which together with some pseudoscientific rationalisations gave rise to socialism as fascism.

    He existed within the fabric of institutional educational thinking of
    the time and contributed to such concepts as origins of language and
    being & time.

    That the Jewish people are themselves uniquely defined by an attribute
    of time such as the sabbath day and the Kabbalah centric celestial
    hierarchy as attributed time and technology of the soul which permeated Christian identity in the Middle Ages particularly.

    Their communal isolationism from general society failed to raise any
    voice of objection or make any contributions contrary to Heidegger's
    view--I can't readily find to this day, any Jewish philosophers and
    theological thinkers who from their Torah perspective, challenged that
    branch of German thinking.

    If they did, the outcome might have been different.”

    YOUTUBE: “Days of Our Lives (2004)”


    Nous: #10
    Time: 16:30 hrs
    Date: 2017.11.30
    Torah: #20 #30 #10 %81 = #60
    Dao: Impossible Advice, What can Be Done?
    Tetra: #41 - Response
    I-Ching: H30 - Cohesion, Radiance, Clinging to Brightness/Fire, The net

    Latin: Assistens {God prompt to grant} Alt: Menqel {Libation Bowl of God} {

    4. Tepisatosoa

    Solar Eclipse: 13 (UTC) / 14 November 2012 (AEST)

    Nahor {Snorting, Hoarse; dry; hot}


    .jackNote@zen: 3, row: 7, col: 4, nous: 10 [Date: 2017.11.30, Super:
    #371 / #2 - Contrast of Terms, Self-Culture; I-Ching: H11 - Peace,
    Pervading, Greatness; Tetra: 16 - Contact, Ego: #393 / #10 - Impossible
    Advice, What can Be Done?; I-Ching: H30 - Cohesion, Radiance, Clinging
    to Brightness/Fire, The net; Tetra: 41 - Response]


    Ik zou me meer zorgen maken om de Afrikanen die het tropisch regenwoud
    en de savannes plunderen op zoek naar bushmeat.

    TRANSLATION: I would be more concerned about the Africans plundering the tropical rainforest and the savannah in search of bushmeat.”

    Now I am the first to admit that I have only a cursory knowledge of
    somethings but I am always willing to defer to persons whom have
    definitive expertise within any sapient area of experience which
    requires at the very least a universe of discourse, if not a
    comprehension of an entire nomenclature.

    Jewellery boxes are not my thing and so when we come to a cultural
    relativity between the Greek notion of PYXIS and the Chinese DAOist

    Is the pre-HAN Dynasty (206 BCE - 220 CE) circular Dragon / Phoenix
    jewellery box which as a tourist artefact can be obtained from the
    Chinese Gardens within Sydney as one of my favourite places to visit.


    Thus if Pandora's box is an artefact in Greek mythology, taken from the
    myth of Pandora's creation in Hesiod's (circa 750 to 650 BCE) Works and
    Days, then we may more properly view Pythagoras’s (570 to 495 BCE) articulation of the binomial HETEROS THEORY OF NUMBER as being a
    methodology and an accommodation by CANON OF TRANSPOSITION of earlier
    ideas which have their actual grounding within a trinomial noumena as
    HOMOIOS THEORY OF NUMBER being more properly defined as a paradigm.

    The "box" was actually a large jar {πίθος pithos: @memeBrain [Telos:
    #368, Super: #10 - Impossible Advice, What can Be Done?; I-Ching: H30 - Cohesion, Radiance, Clinging to Brightness/Fire, The net; Tetra: 41 -
    Response, Ego: #44 - Moderate Values, Setting Up Precepts; I-Ching: H1 -
    Pure Yang, Creative Principle/Heaven, Force, Strong action, The key,
    God; Tetra: 36 - Strength]}

    Impossible Advice, What can Be Done?; I-Ching: H30 - Cohesion, Radiance, Clinging to Brightness/Fire, The net; Tetra: 41 - Response / INNER: #10
    - Impossible Advice, What can Be Done?; I-Ching: H30 - Cohesion,
    Radiance, Clinging to Brightness/Fire, The net; Tetra: 41 - Response}
    #10 has 24 Categories:

    #10 = Yod / Hand (open, palmer side and fingers); #10, #6, #4 = Yod;
    #10, #4 = Yod; #40, #30, #20, #6, #400 = The name of the tenth Sephira;
    #1, #5, #4 = To be strong; #1, #5, #4 = n. Might; #1, #7, #2 = To shine; blooming, blossoming; #1, #9 = Secrecy, concealment (in speaking or
    moving); sorcerer; sorcery; mutterings; necromancer; softly, stealthily, secretly; #2, #4, #4 = To be cut off, severed; to be forlorn; lonely;
    #2, #4, #4 = To bind; #2, #4, #4 = To prate; #2, #4, #4 = Separation, loneliness; separately, alone; #2, #4, #4 = n. Part; #2, #6, #2 = To
    hollow; #2, #7, #1 = To tread down, destroy; #3, #2, #5 = Arch or brow
    of eye; felloe (of a wheel); to be high, tall, exalted; haughty, proud;
    high minded; height; highness, majesty; gather; #3, #6, #1 = Back, body; middle, midst; #3, #7 = A shearing; a fleece; #4, #1, #5 = To dart, to
    fly swiftly; rapid flier (a bird of prey), the glede, vulture, kite; #5,
    #5 = Ha!, ah!, oh! (grief); alternate spelling of the letter Heh; #7,
    #1, #2 = To be angry, fierce; wolf; #7, #3 = Skin on a grape, husk; #8,
    #2 = Bosom; #9, #1 = To be miry, dirty;

    Impossible Advice, What can Be Done?; I-Ching: H30 - Cohesion, Radiance, Clinging to Brightness/Fire, The net; Tetra: 41 - Response / INNER: #10
    - Impossible Advice, What can Be Done?; I-Ching: H30 - Cohesion,
    Radiance, Clinging to Brightness/Fire, The net; Tetra: 41 - Response}
    #10 has 3 Categories:

    #2, #4, #4 = Bedad (H911): {#0 as #10} 1) the father of an Edomite {red, earthy; of blood} chief; #5, #5 = hahh (H1929): {#1 as #10} 1) alas!;
    #7, #3 = zag (H2085): {#2 as #10} 1) (meaning uncertain); 1a) name of
    some insignificant product of the vine, forbidden to Nazarites {one
    chosen or set apart}, perhaps the stem or skin of the grape;

    EGO (FEMALE) A-U-M HETEROS THEORY ON NUMBER IDEA: {OUTER: #44 - Moderate Values, Setting Up Precepts; I-Ching: H1 - Pure Yang, Creative Principle/Heaven, Force, Strong action, The key, God; Tetra: 36 -
    Strength / INNER: #3 - Political Prescriptions, Quietude; I-Ching: H46 - Climbing, Moving/Pushing Upward, Ascending; Tetra: 8 - Opposition} #44
    has 25 Categories:

    #1, #2, #10, #1, #30 = n. Father of Might; #1, #3, #40 = To be bent
    down, to be sad; #1, #3, #40 = To gather, to flow together; #1, #3, #40
    = Bowed down; #1, #3, #40 = A pool; sedge flag or reed; #1, #6, #7, #30
    = n. Emigrant; #1, #30, #7, #2, #4 = n. God's Gift; #1, #30, #10, #1, #2
    = n. God is Father; #2, #2, #30, #10 = Babylonian, (confusion); #2, #4,
    #30, #8 = Small precious things, bdellium --- a sweet resin; #3, #6,
    #30, #5 = Exile; captivity; #3, #40, #1 = To absorb, drink up; swallow; bulrush; absorbent (of moisture); Egyptian papyrus, paper-reed; #4, #20,
    #20 = To crush, be wretched; #4, #30, #10 = Bucket; #4, #40 = Blood; blood-guiltiness, murder; sap, juice, wine; #8, #6, #30 = To move in a
    circle, to dance; to turn or twist oneself, to writhe; to bear a child;
    to tremble, to be afraid; to be firm, strong, mighty; to wait; to
    surround, enclose; sand; n. Circuit; #8, #30, #1, #5 = A soiling or
    rust; #9, #30, #5 = To be fresh, young; a lamb; #10, #3, #1, #30 = n. He
    (God) Redeems; #2, #10, #2, #30 = In the Jubilee; #10, #30, #4 = To lay
    down, let down (from the womb); to bring forth, to bear; to lay eggs; to
    beget (as a father); to create, produce; one born; a male child; a lad
    or boy; #20, #10, #4, #6, #4 = A spark; #30, #5, #9 = To burn or flame;
    to conceal, to use secret arts or sorcery; a flame, flashing sword
    blade; #30, #6, #8 = To hew or cut; a tablet, table or slab; fold of a
    door; #40, #4 = A garment; carpet; a measure.;

    Moderate Values, Setting Up Precepts; I-Ching: H1 - Pure Yang, Creative Principle/Heaven, Force, Strong action, The key, God; Tetra: 36 -
    Strength / INNER: #3 - Political Prescriptions, Quietude; I-Ching: H46 - Climbing, Moving/Pushing Upward, Ascending; Tetra: 8 - Opposition} #44
    has 13 Categories:

    #1, #2, #10, #1, #30 = 'Abiy'el (H22): {#0 as #44} 1) Saul's
    grandfather; #1, #3, #30, #10 = 'egel (H96): {#1 as #34} 1) drop,
    reserve supply, collections, stores; #6, #1, #4, #2, #1, #30 = 'Adbe'el
    (H110): {#2 as #38} 1) third son of Ishmael and grandson of Abraham; #6,
    #1, #6, #1, #30 = 'Uw'el (H177): {#3 as #38} 1) a Judean who had taken a foreign woman during the exile; #1, #6, #7, #30 = 'Uwzal (H187): {#4 as
    #44} 1) sixth son Joktan; #1, #7, #30, #6 = 'azal (Aramaic) (H236): {#5
    as #38} 1) to go, to go off; 1a) (P'al) to go, go off; #1, #30, #7, #2,
    #4 = 'Elzabad (H443): {#6 as #44} 1) a Gadite warrior who aided David;
    2) a Korhite Levite; #30, #2, #7, #5 = bizzah (H961): {#7 as #14} 1)
    spoil, booty; #3, #1, #30, #10 = go'el (H1352): {#8 as #34} 1)
    defilement, defiling; #8, #30, #1, #5 = Chel'ah (H2458): {#9 as #44} 1)
    one of the two wives of Ashur, father of Tekoah; #6, #30, #5, #3 = lahag (H3854): {#10 as #38} 1) study, studying, devotion to study; #30, #5, #9
    = lahat (H3858): {#11 as #44} 1) flame (of an angelic sword); #1, #4,
    #8, #30, #1 = adelos (G82): {#12 as #313} 1) not manifest, indistinct, uncertain, obscure;

    Which was given to Pandora {Πανδώρα, "all-gifted, all-giving": @memeBrain [Telos: #1036, Super: #76 - Strength's Warning Signs,
    Revealers of Virtue; I-Ching: H20 - Viewing, Contemplation (view),
    Looking up; Tetra: 64 - Sinking, Ego: #64 - Consider the Small and Insignificant; I-Ching: H52 - Restraint, Inaction, Bound, Keeping still, Mountain, Stilling; Tetra: 71 - Stoppage]},which contained all the evils
    of the world. Pandora opened the jar and all the evils flew out, leaving
    only "Hope" inside once she had closed it again.

    Strength's Warning Signs, Revealers of Virtue; I-Ching: H20 - Viewing, Contemplation (view), Looking up; Tetra: 64 - Sinking / INNER: #35 -
    Great Guiding Signs?, Virtue of Benevolence; I-Ching: H17 - Following, Allegiance; Tetra: 19 - Following} #76 has 23 Categories:

    #1, #4, #50, #10, #5, #6 = n. Yah is Lord; #1, #30, #40, #5 = A bundle
    of grain (Eng. 'corn'), a sheaf; #2, #70, #4 = To be separated, removed; removal, behind; near, by the side of; amidst; all around; while yet,
    within; #3, #2, #70, #1 = n. Hill; #3, #7, #6, #50, #10 = n. Quarry; #5,
    #6, #30, #30, #5 = Folly; wickedness; #8, #2, #10, #6, #50 = A hiding, concealing; #10, #6, #50 = To stand, to exist; n. A Settlement or
    Colony; cake (sacred offering); to prepare; #30, #6, #30, #10 = unless;
    loop; #30, #40, #6 = To, for; #40, #30, #1, #5 = Fullness, abundance;
    #40, #30, #1, #5 = Filling in or setting (of gems); #40, #30, #6 =
    Fullness, a multitude; #50, #4, #2, #20 = A layer or set (of building
    material in a wall), a course (of bricks); #50, #6, #20 = To point or
    sharpen; #50, #10, #8, #8 = rest or quieting; pleasantness; #50, #10,
    #8, #8 = Sacrificial or sweet odors, incense; #50, #20, #1, #5 = Powder
    or spice; #70, #2, #4 = To break up or till; to labor or work; to serve;
    #70, #2, #4 = To make or do; #70, #2, #4 = A servant, a slave; minister
    or messenger; #70, #2, #4 = Worshipper; #70, #2, #4 = Work or deed;

    Strength's Warning Signs, Revealers of Virtue; I-Ching: H20 - Viewing, Contemplation (view), Looking up; Tetra: 64 - Sinking / INNER: #35 -
    Great Guiding Signs?, Virtue of Benevolence; I-Ching: H17 - Following, Allegiance; Tetra: 19 - Following} #76 has 31 Categories:

    #30, #1, #2, #10, #3, #30 = 'Abiygayil (H26): {#0 as #56} 1) wife of
    Nabal, then of David; 2) sister of David; #1, #4, #50, #10, #5, #6 =
    'Adoniyah (H138): {#1 as #76} 1) fourth son of David and Solomon's rival
    for the throne; 2) Levite sent by Jehoshaphat to teach the Law; 3) a
    chief of the people who co-operated with Nehemiah; #30, #1, #5, #30, #10
    = 'ohel (H168): {#2 as #36} 1) tent; 1a) nomad's tent, and thus symbolic
    of wilderness life, transience; 1b) dwelling, home, habitation; 1c) the
    sacred tent of Jehovah (the tabernacle); #1, #30, #5, #40 = 'el (H413):
    {#3 as #31} 1) to, toward, unto (of motion); 2) into (limit is actually entered); 3) toward (of direction, not necessarily physical motion); 4)
    against (motion or direction of a hostile character); 5) in addition to,
    to; 6) concerning, in regard to, in reference to, on account of; 7)
    according to (rule or standard); 8) at, by, against (of one's presence);
    9) in between, in within, to within, unto (idea of motion to); 2a) in
    among; #40, #1, #30, #5 = 'el-leh (H428): {#4 as #36} 1) these; 1a) used
    before antecedent; 1b) used following antecedent; #1, #40, #30, #5 =
    'amal (H535): {#5 as #71} 1) to be weak, to droop, to languish, to be exhausted; 1a) (Qal) pass participle (of the heart); 1a1) to be weak;
    1a2) to droop; 1b) (Pulal); 1b1) to be or grow feeble; 1b2) to languish;
    #30, #2, #4, #40 = bad (H905): {#6 as #6} 1) alone, by itself, besides,
    a part, separation, being alone; 1a) separation, alone, by itself; 1a1)
    only (adv); 1a2) apart from, besides (prep); 1b) part; 1c) parts (eg
    limbs, shoots), bars; #2, #4, #10, #30, #10, #20 = bediyl (H913): {#7 as
    #46} 1) alloy, tin, dross; 1a) of Israel (metaph.); #3, #2, #70, #1 =
    Gib`a' (H1388): {#8 as #76} 1) a son of Caleb; #20, #4, #2, #10, #40 =
    dob (H1677): {#9 as #6} 1) bear; #8, #2, #10, #6, #50 = chebyown
    (H2253): {#10 as #76} 1) concealment, covering, hiding, hiding place;
    #6, #8, #2, #30, #10, #20 = chobel (H2259): {#11 as #46} 1) sailor,
    seaman; #30, #8, #7, #1, #30 = Chaza'el (H2371): {#12 as #46} 1) a king
    of Syria; sent by his master, Ben-hadad, to the prophet Elisha, to seek
    a remedy for Ben-hadad's leprosy; apparently later killed Ben-hadad,
    assumed the throne, and soon became engaged in a war with the kings of
    Judah and Israel for the possession of the city of Ramoth-gilead; #6,
    #5, #8, #7, #10, #40 = chozeh (H2374): {#13 as #26} 1) seer; 1a) seer;
    1b) vision; #5, #8, #7, #6, #50 = chazown (H2377): {#14 as #71} 1)
    vision; 1a) vision (in ecstatic state); 1b) vision (in night); 1c)
    vision, oracle, prophecy (divine communication); 1d) vision (as title of

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