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    On Sun, 22 Sep 2019 14:09:08 -0700, NEMO <fsturluogh5@gmail.com>

    Innit anus! <B<

    Same old same old! <G<

    English learned from 1950s Billy Bunter comics innit! <GB<

    You WOTTER! <VGB<

    Puttana! Schifosa! Fanook!



    He sure, is.

    It is just so, fucking obvious.

    No doubt, about it.

    You got, that right.

    Good, one!

    Mangina, the Peeler so dominates and humiliates you.

    Needledick, the Foreskin Peeler can't even dominate your scrawny gook
    You love writing about the anus.

    You love zsuckling the jew anus.

    Which bitches and hos did he court last weekend?


    WE aks the questions, asshole!

    Which niggers from Compton made *you* their bitch/ho last weekend?

    Nithing, none of them did.

    Needledick, ALL of them did...at the Queen Mary parking lot!



    RJ (preferred jew aliash)


    The Illiterate Foreskin Peeling Grik anus admits he got
    no life AT ALL outside stalking on THE Usenet!
    "Frankly, if he were gone, I wouldn't know what to do here."
    Message-ID: <FCOQt.107901$hp7.96925@fx13.fr7>

    The Illiterate Foreskin Peeling Grik anus, defending his fellow
    Grik sodomite the Grikboxer® and under the delusion that he's
    been able to grow a pair: "You'd have to get past me first,"
    Message-ID: <LOOQt.337647$Qr2.32934@fx08.fr7>

    Yet more proof that the Illiterate Foreskin Peeling Grik anus
    thinks he got a pair: "Just to let you know: ANYONE who "befriends"
    the subnormal swine will have to deal with me! Get ready, bitch!"
    Message-ID: <FHg6t.166438$Nl5.48106@newsfe07.iad>

    The Illiterate Foreskin Peeling Grik anus STILL seems to think
    he got a pair: "Which will NEVER happen! You'd have to get past
    me first, poor psycho! LOL"
    Message-ID: <MCSIu.1$c56.0@fx32.fr7>

    The Illiterate Foreskin Peeling Grik anus having still MORE delusions
    about growing a pair: "If ANYONE dared to grab me by the neck
    like that he'd get my fist in his face."
    Message-ID: <qeilfu$iog$1@gioia.aioe.org>

    In spite of all the evidence, the Illiterate Foreskin Peeling Grik anus
    STILL has delusions about growing a pair!
    "What kind of other-worldly pussies (men?) are you all? If someone
    would dare to grab me by the back of my neck like that and push me
    around, my instinctive, AUTOMATIC reaction would be to knock him in
    the face! NOBODY is allowed to do that to ANYONE!"
    Message-ID: <qfnPE.73303$YG3.18805@usenetxs.com>

    Best of all! From the Foreskin Peeler's doctoral dissertation in divinity, 'University' of Salonica (1992): "The jew g-d is your g-d's dad."

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