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    From jew pedophile Ron Jacobson (jew ped@21:1/5 to mejercit@hotmail.com on Wed Sep 11 04:14:01 2019
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    On Tue, 10 Sep 2019 09:13:22 -0700, "NOT Michael Ejercito" <mejercit@hotmail.com> wrote:

    Of course the mangina feels desperate.

    There is, NO desperation like YOURS, mong.


    Here is Chris's comment.

    Greek Chrissie and greek his inane plagiarised comment.
    You could never handle chris's comments.

    Chrissie's inane plagiarised comments never JUSTIFIED handling, mong.
    To the contrary, I learned from his comments.

    With a vapid Oriental excuse for a 'mind', you would learn from ANY

    Nobody here is INTERESTED, asshole!
    To the contrary, we find his comments wise and witty.

    Who is 'we'? You and your gook tapeworm?
    "We" as in Guardian Angels of Israel and other honorable, decent people!

    You mean dishonourable indecent guardian fairies of 'Israeel' such as
    you and your Grik fiancee!

    Now go back where the fuck you came from, you gormless slant eyed >>>>mongoloid!
    Nithing, I am where I am from.

    Needledick, you won't be where you are from until the banana boat
    docks at Manila.
    Explain the connection between a boat delivering bananas to Manila and
    where I am from./

    WE demand the explanations and get them, asshole./

    Now here is another comment from Chris.

    Now greek that one too then, mong!
    You have a hissy fit whenever I mention Chris.

    YOU have a little gook mini-orgasm whenever you post one of Chrissie's comments.

    Here is my comment.

    Greek your inane plagiarised comment too, you gormless slant eyed


    RJ (preferred jew aliash)

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