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    On Saturday, June 10, 2000 at 3:00:00 PM UTC+8, Just JT wrote:
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    Sorry about last night, guys. The little shit factory decided to unload right under my desk, between my feet. (You're right about those butter cookies, JT. We found the can with the contents half-eaten, and I mean
    half of each and every cookie.) Even a DSP such as I couldn't stand the freakin' stink! I was scrubbing and Lysol-ing until early in the
    morning. And it had to happen when you-know-who was just getting hot.
    Damn piglet.
    There is a simple solution to your problem, pig: NAPPIES.
    I will be there later tonight, behind a locked door.
    I'm off on weekends, mate. We have a long weekend coming up: Queen's
    birthday and I ain't talking about Bob Chin's here.
    Talk to me at

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