• what's a manong?

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    Novus Ordo Seclorum Signum de Volpus Marina wrote:
    Hi Peter, how's fatherhood?! It's been quite a while, and I've yet to
    get a full-eight : (
    We're lucky with our boy, he's not too much trouble.
    I'm wondering if anybody here knows what shots babies in the Philippines get, and the time frame. I know there are some he's not getting here,
    like yellow fever or hepatitis. We'll be visiting his grandparents next year and I want him to be prepared. Any thoughts? How about your son Dominic? Planning extra vaccinations too?
    Peter Manders.
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    Hi Peter,
    You are lucky, my kid eats a lot and for some reason loves to
    eat in the middle of the night (twice sometimes). But I'm
    happy to hear that you are going back too. I'm not sure,
    but we don't want to over vaccinate him. A couple of weeks
    ago he got his first-three, and in the week from next a few
    more ...He screamed so loud the first time it shook up the
    nurse whom I thought would be used to it : (
    Hmmm ...But since our boys have Filipino-blood in 'em, along
    with certain inherent immunities, I'm sure they'll be fine
    with what my own will get here, and in the Netherlands with
    regard to immunization(s). Other than that we've yet
    to consult with our pediatrician on this matter.
    Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you and your's are doing
    well, and thanks for the reminder.

    - Dominic
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    My ears are burning!



    PS We Ilonggos use Manong and Manang as the equivalents for kuya and ate, respectively.

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