• McDonalds in the Philippines Contact Tracing

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    The imbeciles that run McDonalds in the Philippines, headquartered
    in Manila and supposedly part of the American McDonalds chain are
    some of the most incompetent,
    feckless morons to manage a McDo restaurant.

    They are requiring customers to sign a waiver with their name,
    allowing them to be investigated for "contact tracing" purposes.
    This might be a part of Communist DooTURDtay (Duterte) communist
    quarantine punishments for Filipino Citizens and foreigners alike.
    Very small number of CV cases and deaths compared to other
    countries, does not matter so bigshot communist Duturdtay can throw
    his weight around and try to show what a tough guy he is.

    This is a McDonalds whose restroom is frequently out of order
    taking weeks to fix it, that is out of stock on common items often
    (sorry no cheeseburgers, no pancakes no sundaes, etc,etc.). Air
    conditioners that drip onto peoples food and tables.

    They have twice as many employees as similar USA Mcdos but are
    twice as long in wait times for your order.

    Jolleybees on the other hand is a well managed usually chain that
    does not have these problems or they are much less frequent. Their
    wait times are 100% faster and they are more courteous and
    polite.Do not frequent Mcdos in the Philippines or McDos anywhere
    for that matter unless you cannot avoid it. I have no profit motive
    or connection to Jolleybees, I am only a customer at both places.

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