• Why do all of Jasmine (milagrosa) rice comes from Thailand?

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    On Friday, January 24, 1997 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-8, Paul Bondoc wrote:
    I'm from northern California, and everytime I go to buy rice, it
    always is from Thailand. I have yet to see one come from the
    Didn't we come up with this variety originally? Correct me if I'm
    wrong but I believe it was from U.P. Los Banos.
    I wonder where all of the Philippines' rice ends up?


    You may disagree with my opinion, but do so in a non profane manner. Otherwise, I will simply ignore it!

    In 2018, Thailand exported the highest volume of jasmine rice to the United States, accounting for a 33 percent share among other export destinations. Thai jasmine rice was recognized globally for its high quality among all types of rice traded.Oct 9,

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