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    "The Jews" wrote in message

    Gonadal dysgenesis suffering fake wannabe Nazi Gordon Radovich >[radovich@tiscali.co.uk], the anally-obsessed, unemployable, impotent, >glue-huffing, passportless, rope-dodging, pedophilic,
    bestiality-practicing Serbian coprophiliac Queen Mary Parking Lot
    black cock worshipper, who for some reason posts pretending to be
    Jewish, hated by Hitler and proven by White Nationalist Scholars to be >inferior to Asian peoples, tried to cover up his abject fear of the >fascist-slapping, Nazi-tormenting, totalitarian-taunting, superior
    Jews that torture him daily, and reveal his complete and total
    ignorance, and expose his countless excuses to avoid getting
    Nuremberged®, by taking time out of his busy schedule of felching his
    mother for spending money and then masturbating to kiddie porn (while
    he desperately hides from Barry for over 11 years even though he has
    his address!) to lie when he pathetically copied a superior being's
    words and changed them around a bit to make it look like he was
    capable to coming up with something original by posting:


    Why can't I stop thinking about your anus? <B<

    Probably because you're a faggot, Gordon! No other possible
    No doubt about it!


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