• The US' Lithium-Hispanicist Coup in Bolivia

    From John Kennard@21:1/5 to All on Sat Dec 14 14:21:33 2019
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    I see the US is keeping its record clean with backing oppressive Hispanic regimes against the First Peoples in Latin America, even when the First
    Peoples are the majority.

    And, after all, there's lithium to be cornered.

    Or at least kept from the Chinese.

    I liked how America's new comprador President of Bolivia just declared
    herself so; it's the Guaido Technique all over again.

    But this time backed by the "security forces", no doubt controlled by
    graduates of the "School of Americas" at Fort Benning, and trained in all
    the techniques necessary to deal with an uppity populace.


    Our world is as we have made it.

    < Jack Vance

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