• Barzan's Assyrian Christian Roots

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    Yep this can be true , because Barzan family roots absolutaly comes from assyrians. We can track this from historical records.
    Barzan family was a native assyrian . However this goes far from the christianity . In fact erbilu(erbil) and alqosh basically Consist of assyrian jews and pagans . From the holly bible we can confirm this . Barzan family was jew assyrians which
    converted from the pagan zoroastraniaim to the juadisim. There was no christianity , as other assyrians most of them turned to the christianity.also today’s Yezidies is the most ancient assyrian tribes in still there. Because they didnt change
    zoroasraniasim . Barzan’s jews assyrian roots are well knowns also some of them accepted christianity that which was nestorianisim the most closest christian sect to judaisim. Today this honorable people figth against islam secretly in the region. And
    absolutelly they will wipe out of them very soon . Assyria, nestorianism , barzans are the pure reality of north iraq.

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