• I was wondering if an in depth tactical study has ever been done on the

    From Brian Ghilliotti@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jun 20 11:40:55 2017

    I was wondering if an in depth tactical study has ever been done on the following engagement during the Kurdish separatist war of 1946-1947?

    "On 9 June 1947, the Peshmerga attacked the flank of an army column.[1] During the two-pronged attack, led by both Mustafa Barzani and As’ad Khoshavi, the Peshmerga killed hundreds of Iranian soldiers, destroyed several tanks, knocked out an artillery
    battery and downed an Iranian aircraft.[1] After evading or engaging the Iranian army throughout their trip, the Barzanis, along with over 500 Peshmerga and their families, crossed the Araxes River into the Soviet Union on 18 June 1947.[1]"


    Back tracking through the various references this wikipedia article refers to, it leads to a book that apparently describes a retreat of Kurdish separatist forces in the last days of their Stalin backed separatist movement. Apparently this ambush was a
    feat of arms occurring during a long retreat through Iraq, Turkey, back through Iran, and into the Soviet Union while they were being constantly pressured by Iranian forces. It shows the path of retreat, but no maps or any more detail about this ambush

    It would be worthy of a tactical study, as it must have been an impressive ambush.

    Brian Ghilliotti

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