• Dr Shantanu Panigrahi - UK's Unsung Hero, Suing 800 Wicked People (3/3)

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    still hate & despise you. & you'll still be a colossal FAIL in a
    petrol station.
    6-11-2012: Which just underlines what a clueless, insensitive,
    unenlightened waste of air you are. You fail even the most basic of
    test for humanism... you should be species checked... you appear to
    be around the smegma level... Not if that "something" is wrong &
    enslaves half of humanity. You are not enlightened, you are deluded, Dunning-Kruger dolt... Utter rubbish, as usual, & you know now that
    your opinions are repellent & inhuman. Don't bother reading the
    wordpress garbage, it's just more insane maunderings of a deluded
    primitive... Shanty: you're a stupid, lying, shallow, venal cunt.
    Get a death. How does a chicken's rectum feel around your midget
    penis? (I'm sure you can answer that one)... Any rat is a sewer is
    more enlightened than you. As is the sewage... You claimed just
    that, fuckwit. There is no god: you are a very unintelligent
    retarded moron... Any rat is a sewer is more enlightened than you.
    As is the sewage.
    7-11-2012: I am... it's what shanty-the-cunt wants to do to women...
    Get dead, fucktard. Still only 2 members at secpac. You FAIL
    again... & have you stopped being a complete, vacuous bag of shite
    yet? What is your opinion of gay people?... I am... it's what shanty-
    the-cunt wants to do to women... Nahhhhh... you missed the point...
    only HE can rape, because he claims to be the most enlightened
    person on earth... because he sees women as inferior... Hmmmmm... I
    wonder if shanty's attitude to women is because he's really scared
    of them... or because he's a closet gay?... You mean it's OK for
    scumantanu to rape, or for me to pull the wings off the shantyfly?
    Or for the bastard to be swatted like the insect he is?... Read his
    stuff... then figure out if a bit of bad language & invective from
    me is worse than what that fucktard wants to make into law. The see
    who _appears_ worse, & who is actually worse. I don't want women to
    be sex slaves. He does... Welllllll... I think there is
    merit/justice in exposing his horrid nature. I don't want to own
    him. I do want to swat his thinking (and him) out of existence...
    You mean, like dragging people's families into things? Even the
    repulsive shanty hasn't done that yet. Oops now he just has.
    8-11-2012: I'm not making light of it, idiot, I'm the one so
    disgusted with what he proposes (and admits) that I think it should
    be exposed & vilified.
    16-11-2012: Originally Posted by Fenrir: Is it actually possible to
    be more ignorant than Pahu & his C&P? Serious question. Yes: look at
    19-11-2012: All... my working hypothesis is that shanny is mentally
    ill. He has already admitted that his wife had their doctor commit
    him to a mental institution after some abusive episodes. I think
    that the attention (even if it's ridicule) he's getting here is
    feeding his illness. He clearly knows little about science (even
    biology, his avowed career, but I'm not sure chicken-molesting
    counts as biology), & is spewing the most egregious bullshit
    everywhere just to get the attention.
    20-11-2012: Your 3 way bullcrap is Not Even Wrong. You're not
    qualified to comment.
    27-11-2012: Or go talk with Shantanu at his preposterous "blog" now
    he's been banned from SC. Or even look at SC & see his claim to be
    the most enlightened person on earth...
    28-11-2012: According to the "Most Enlightened One", even if she
    says no, it's not her choice... what a scumbag he is. My bold...
    sounds like a challenge... who thinks this scum is the most
    enlightened being on earth? Who thinks marital rape is OK? Who
    thinks atoms are covalent? Who thinks honesty is arbitrarily
    changing the meaning of defined terms to prop up baseless arguments?
    Who thinks feminism is a curse on humanity & is just a facet of
    lesbianism, & that men who support feminism must be gay? Who got
    incarcerated in a mental institution by his wife after violent
    arguments? Get dead, cuntface... this isn't about SC moderation,
    it's about showing a verminous bag of shit to be what he is... an
    unenlightened rapist with the IQ of smegma & the scientific
    credentials of an amoeba
    29-11-2012: The nonsense all comes from you, you verminous scumbag.
    You censor the comments section whenever anyone says anything
    pointing out how horribly wrong you are... I agree... mods... banish
    my & ShuntAnus's posts to TQH... Were you happy in your work, pre-
    petrol station? What does a chicken's anus feel like around your
    mini-penis? Why are you ignoring the truth about your reputation?
    For a "truth-seeker", you sure lie & dissemble a lot... You've never
    been in a room with me, fucktard. As for pushing the stalking
    theory, you failed at that last time... ( A cartoon picture of a
    farmer feeding chickens in grotesque fashion was posted here)...
    Were you happy in your work, pre-petrol station? What does a
    chicken's anus feel like around your mini-penis? Why are you
    ignoring the truth about your reputation? For a "truth-seeker", you
    sure lie & dissemble a lot... For a "truth-seeker", you sure lie &
    dissemble a lot... For a "truth-seeker", you sure lie & dissemble a
    lot... For a "truth-seeker", you sure lie & dissemble a lot... I
    can't help picking on ShuntAnus... people always pick scabs... For a "truth-seeker", you sure lie & dissemble a lot. Go Fuck Yourself...
    I take this as a threat... but not terribly seriously. He is a
    pathetic, unpleasant little waste of air. The world is better off
    without him... as is TR... I think it's when you & ShuntAnus walk
    off, hand-in-hand into the sunset & spend the rest of your lives
    playing chutney ferrets... It is so laughably stupid that they
    didn't even send it for further comment. The Kent police response
    won't actually contain the phrase "net.kook", but it should. Oh...
    by the way... Kent Police may be much more interested in your
    admission of marital rape, which you posted multiple times... & you
    published your full address on the web multiple times. But that is
    NOT a threat... it just shows how inept & idiotic you are... Do
    please keep us informed of Kent Police's response. They will be
    polite, but I rather imagine it will be of the same nature as your
    rejection by Nature for that ridiculous pile of shite you spewed at
    them... The whole point in this particular situation is NOT ignoring
    the moron... it's showing him up to be the horror he is...
    especially wrt women.
    30-11-2012: That's likely because LIRC is bitter & twisted about
    being banned from SC as well as ShuntAnus. Anyone who comes out in
    aid of shanty needs to look closely at who they have as friends.
    signed 'teh ebil Phands' -
    http://www.talkrational.org/showthread.php?t=53459) - He announced
    his latest act of cowardice thus... (referring to blogpost https://discussionforumfortruthseekers.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/dr- shantanu-panigrahi-joins-rational-skepticism-discussion-board) I bet
    they ban him soon. Good riddance. I feel someone should warn Rat
    Skep what a bag of pus has landed in their midst, but I'm not a
    member there, & I'm not following ShuntAnus over.
    10-12-2012: Go fuck yourself, misogynist rapist failure. The Kent
    police now have you on file as a net.kook. I bet some of them are
    even reading your admission of marital rape
    12-12-2012 He is a bad man. His views on women being the property of
    men & rape being OK define him as a bad man. He's still also a
    mentally ill net.kook... You have no sanity.
    21-12-2012 Can you hurry up & suicide?

    1962 - 14/7/72: St Joseph's High School, 2 Edmonstone Road,
    Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    5/7/72 - 14/12/72: City Anglo-Vernacular Intermediate College,
    Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    January - June 1973: Stanley Technical High School, South Norwood,
    London, UK
    September 1973 - 1975: Kingston College of Further Education, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, UK

    General Certificate of Education - June 1973: Ordinary Level:
    Chemistry (E Pass), Physics (E Pass) Mathematics Syllabus D (F
    Fail), English Language (F Fail)
    General Certificate of Education - June 1974: Ordinary Level:
    Biology (E Pass), English Language (F Fail)
    General Certificate of Education - June 1975: Advanced Level-II:
    Chemistry (E Pass), Physics (D Pass), Zoology (E Pass)
    June 1975 Board of High School & Intermediate Education Allahabad -
    High School Examination (1972); in Second Division (59.4 percent) &
    Distinction in Sociopathy (No other subjects, left in the middle of
    the session to move to the UK as father, Dr Gopinath Panigrahi, was
    posted to Kew Gardens as Under-Gardener with diplomatic status)

    BSc in Pharmacology, Chelsea College, University of London, 1978,
    Lower Second Class Honours, initially classified as Failed but I
    lawfully overrode them
    PhD (Laboratory research on animal feed development specific to
    increasing the commercially-acceptable incorporation percentage of
    cottonseed meal in laying hen rations); Thesis Title: The Use of
    Cottonseed Meal in Laying Hen Diets & their Sexual Receptivity to
    Stimuli from Human Handlers, University of Reading, 1988 - Thesis
    illegally rejected by State Agents & Criminals
    iif exen Dietw I eceitfurn Handlers, Univ
    ersity of 94
    General Ce(Asion - I apas Feory, SolicL of to012Dmal feed d, Wy for Chelsea College, University of 95
    General CelicEnvpe tated innction PharWy fr Chelsea College, Univ
    ersity of 96

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    Dmal feed d (INFPDcs Fim s&iif exen Dietw
    Stahe manipulatiUN (nt of tdticAWARDS
    on - JPrizetyfly?
    hA- Adva F "inmplaisourt ebon. Yes:3 - 1975: Kingston College of Further (Stud UnivSea-l sommen
    evanct & w E in Ph YesB En reaWaleati Dep:Colll: Kingsto Ki misdyflymigrationn to moBdingn975: lube: Theacology, Chelsea College, Universityi D81:n
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    Juwed s w mentae asEnglaRuning -ahi D8- JMsomsfn to rdoest: lubeEduEdmerview-r aurn V- Ton pMsomsfn tordsxfn t West (er McVey, Msomsfn to rdoest: lube
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    Julegaord ulton, sxfn t West)o rdoest:s &e'sWining fo "ini D9p:CBowrol &A acty (EMo rdoest: lub,houinton, lure.(er McVey, (EMo
    rdoest: lube
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    Mss gurd aS yuWER,,pEt lversityiputatDETAILS OF THE CRIMES COMMITTED BY THE 800+o law.hands' 11/30/drputhseekers.wornhit
    es no godHevrom tto plaice nor ng-posteital ramaginyou trt about eel rmbag.

    OF THESE CRIMES law.handss' 11/30/drputhseekers.wor/ylury-2l rm.handss' tw LIRC.wor/11/3
    Broadct lvies CouPyou asIere's atipuSo-called Vo moBs of thjectedng pentoxic waste afe, UnivAsylumxic whit
    ech isxcausol &Asylume&a Ju9) - ol &UK 14/ on my cs
    WORLD-FAMOUS handss' g cops.google.wor/discu/#!orator/"gainst Dr Shantanu "

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