• *****Can street fight replace Olympic and professional boxing?

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    *****Can street fight replace Olympic and professional boxing?

    Can street fight replace Olympic and professional boxing?

    Due to poor performance in Olympic and professional boxing for the past hundred years, Butterfly Leung for Wellington, Kato Lee and Jap organized numerous street fights to delink Olympic boxing with real fighting on street and in war. The challengers are
    prohibited from wearing glove and CCTV replace camera on street fight. As Butterfly Leung for Wellington, Kato Lee, and Jap put it: “your kind might have the Olympic Gold in boxing, but your kind still cannot win on street and in war.” Of course,
    there are no blood test and drug are often involved. Legal consequences are for sure to follow and professional boxers are often the targets of entrapment. Boys of Butterfly Leung for Wellington, Kato Lee and Jap simply do not have the confidence to
    challenge their adversary in Olympic and in professional boxing. Butterfly Leung for Wellington, Kato Lee, and Jap need more victory on street fight to encourage their boys to launch more street fight and to prove their genetic superiority.

    Yu Fung LiuP.O. Box No. 88312
    at Sham Shui Po Post office
    Once visitor of Diao YuTai state guest house for Dignitary with diplomatic immunityIf you prefer me to acknowledge the receipt of mail openly in public, just clearly point it out with large print in your letter to me.
    Noone asks for rematch or duel in writing,in public,in person(ie press conference)so far.High risk of identity theft in person and over the phone after2000.Meet in person for important issue if doubt
    under illegal censorship by war ciminals

    Nothing changed unless updated. Got offer for three days job to test voting system in Legislative Council in Hong Kong.
    Travel warning is in effect for Canada,GulfStates,Japan,Taiwan,entire Asia&some regions.Blackmail,ambush,interception of communications,drug&possible chemical weapon on civilians are expected in regions under their sphere of influence due to corruption.
    Lee&Leung are known to use child soldiers&kill children/baby if they can't defeat the adults in war&in boxing,They stole children from others&turned them into assassins/warriors primarily because of their own genetically inferiority in sport&military
    affairs,&the risky nature of the jobs.Japbutterfly(Lee&Leung)threaten to kidnap anti-war activists,patients,friends,&family members of veterans of Desert Storm&Cold War to regions where camels are native species.They claimed to backup the causes by
    putting up advertisements on major transportation.Travelers are advised not to use services&products with“butterfly”logo,a symbol for JapMadama Butterfly/Leung/spynet&Lee since1898.Ignorance in Jap past evil is deadly.Lee&Leung deserve to die for
    their crimes
    Around 1990,2Iraqi boxers KO a US marine handtohand combat top trainer,Lee (a relative of BruceLee&JeetKuneDo expert) within5minute in a military exercise.10Iraqi republican guards followed up in attack with bayonets.In order to stop them from killing
    Lee,I engaged them unarmed&KO all of them.Based on Lee's performance in the military exercise&my past boxing experience with martial art experts from military around the world,I found JeetKuneDo to be impractical in combat&junk compared to karate,
    Taekwondo,KungFu&other martial act
    My only deadly mistake in life&its consequence for rescuing westerners
    Lost contact with most friends&family.File missing person report on some family members
    All phone are illegally intercepted.Still alive after many assassinations.Live alone till now in strong spirit in small apartment & In coma for months/years after car accident in Canada bt2002-2005.Waiting for food offered by homeless shelter for months
    near WATERLOO ROAD after kidnapped by Canadian hospital in2008
    I have not talked to most business friends or family members since 2001 and there were not any conversation since 2006. I have not talked to my mother and brother for at least 8 years. If anyone claimed otherwise, It most likely that some identity
    thieves have cheated them or you had been dealing with identity theft at the time in particularty over the phone. I still live alone till now in strong spirit in a small apartment The life of those visiting and looking for me are at high risk due to
    corruption in phone company and in every aspect of life.
    Goodbye Dr.Norman Bethune再見白求恩
    Born in1970,not on ForthOfJuly
    Cell 852-93460474
    All Jap breed and Jap fan are sinners and guilty. Some Jap and Jap fan have declared war on me and my nation for Japan and their emperor so that butterfly Leung and Lee will succeed all the money and girls from Japan some years ago without the gutsy ever
    serving me in writing or showing the authority to engage in war. Tragically, Jap and Jap fan in both Asia and Canada respond, and many innocence and non-relevant parties fell victim to their crimes. For every victim of murder, rape, or other crimes, Jap
    breed and Jap fan will pay for it with life once proper authority declare war. The life of those visit/lookfor me are at high risk
    Agreements before1992,particularly for family members with DNA ties,shall be intact except for Jap,Leung,Lee, if any (they lose voting right within family members and were removed from decision making circle although they don't have to necessarily do
    anything wrong. This is not an imitation of internment camps or isolation policy for Jap American during WWII. However, it is a family decision due to high risk of war at the moment )
    Agreements after year2000are voided/suspended due to memory loss,longterm poisoning(14-16 years),theft,blackmail,identify theft&other crime/reason
    My world record around1990with thousand victories
    All contenders are required to complete blood test by Olympic doctor
    Predators are exam by veterinarian
    KO=Knocked out
    European&gladiators in Europe fight predators with sword for thousand of years,The first on video,YuFung Liu (aka yu biao) from China fought all the wild predators alone&KO the first/most/biggest predators without weapon in the shortest period of time in
    human history&the only Asian to KO predator,OmlypicChampions&HeavyweightChampions except2008Olympic before2011
    Never lost a round in thousands of battles in life&so far
    For the glory of victory in the ring, in war, in election and on street.
    I got cheat out to preform unnecessary risk, but I still win and win big.
    Last fight (death match) in the ring between 2001 and 2005 in a one VS many (serval hundreds to one thousand, not exceed one thousand) situation. KO and knock down many inmate death squad, defeated samurai and kendo students with katana, defeated many
    karate practicians despite more than 10 years of long-term poison and lack of training before car accident in Canada.
    Gladiator Record
    KOorkilled 1bison,140-800lb tigers(incl Siberia breed),140-1600lb bears(incl Brown bears),140-800lb lions,140-600lb panthers&other predators
    Boxing record
    KO&knock down MikeTyson3times in a single game during Tyson's peak moment in around 1990. Mike Tyson retired in 2005.
    KOthe most Olympic boxing champions&martial art experts in the shortest period of time
    KOIraqi with bayonets&samurai with katana unarmed
    Interviewed the most military personnel in the world
    I rescued Lee from Iraqi&4hyenas based on humanitarian ground&the need to restore justice.It never suggests alliance with the Lee&his martial act.Kato(faceoff),Lee,Leung,butterfly on WELLINGTON ST are sickmen of the world
    Comparison of treatment for Muslim fighter&Western veteran,It is time for a change
    Reward for Western fighter&US veteran
    National Coalition for Homeless Veteran
    Reward for Muslim fighter&Christian convert to Islam
    1976,an all-white jury imprisonedAli for draft evasion&anti-war activities,but overturned by SupremeCourt
    MuhammadAli Center
    The$80million,6-story,8,988m2 LouisvilleMuseumPlaza&3,700m2 amphitheater opened on2005
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_Ali_Center www.why-christians-convert-to-islam.com
    It's better to beAli than veteran.Everyone want the West to lose the war
    Myths concerning firestorm, yubiao, yufung Liu, yu fei, Napoleon in the so-called Battle of Waterloo road
    Myths #1: yu fung Liu, a middleweight chinese and the only Asian ranked #1 among the greatest gladiators in human history
    Myths #2: Mike Tyson ranked #12 among the greatest heavyweight boxing champions of all time ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Cannot login to google and www.dejanews account due to change in login page past posting in www.dejanews.com all missing
    Myths #2 is illegally changed by hackers.
    Myths #2 rewrite as: The only Asian ever to KO Mike Tyson and Olympic boxing champions from USSR and USA around 1990.Those video recording that claim otherwise are all fake and computer generated image falsity by the movie industry.

    Myths #3: 1991 Operation Desert storm/Kuwait oil fires
    Myths #4: 1996 Dong Feng missile crisis in Taiwan
    Myths #5: Contribution of yu fung Liu to rescue Western hostages in Gulf War Myths #6: Contribution of yu fung Liu to antiwar movement Release statement to say bye to Muslim nations:

    As of 17:20 on July 22, 2012, Mr. Yu Fung Liu has officially retired
    from 20 years of anti-war activist since 1992 because Muslims in East
    Asia clearly suggest and imply that they don’t want anti-war activism
    from non-Muslims and they no longer need it. Muslims have already
    defeated the West in military term. Some Americans want Muslims in
    Asia to refuse peace with those once rescued Western hostages and
    children, and Muslims in the area agree to it. July 23, 2012, 01:28, someone whispered over the air and said: “If you
    can not be in peace with those refused unnecessary war against Muslim
    and your kind, who else you will be in peace with from the bottom of
    your heart?” Between 2009 and 2010, someone intentionally broadcasted following conversation of two women near supermarket: “Muslims never keep their words to infidels and they don not have to. Fortunately, your sisters married to some prominent
    Muslims and you will get away from many things including poisoning and kidnapping of infidels.” Others suggested to them later that all the past sin and choice of careers always are forgiven once they married to Muslim or became converted."
    July 23, 2012, 19:00, someone asked with vicious intention: “Did Yu
    Fung Liu knock out Mike Tyson with Yang styles and Chen styles taichi
    in the early 90 before Tyson converted to Maoism and Islam many years later?” Here is Liu’s answer: “Liu never fought Mike Tyson with
    taichi, but almost thought about using taichi tactics in the beginning
    and liu’s grand mother happened to share the last name with Chen.”
    Gang of Butterfly Leung for Wellington, Kato, Lee and Jap fan once
    accused almost every Chen to be selfish and vicious in North America
    that Chen’s clan always poison and attack their own kind including
    close relatives in order to prove their genetic superiority in Martial
    act over others including Chinese.
    According to insiders,yu fung LIu did play with children in a Canadian hospital and treat almost every employee as close friends until a
    Filipino nurse offered a drug that directly and partly contributed to
    my car accident and coma. The same Canadian hospital kidnapped me
    later in early 2009. How everything suddenly changed so quickly
    remains unresolved.
    According to other insiders, Lee or Lee Kin's gang poisoned Liu and
    lied to Liu over the phone in Canada that they are Liu's brothers and
    they have been harassed and kidnapped by the same Canadian hospital
    many times in the past. Insiders point out that Lee's poison and lie
    directly contributed to Liu's conflict with Canadian hospital that
    wounded several male guards before car accident and coma. However,
    Butterfly Leung for Wellington, Kato, Lee and their gang have come up
    many more new different stories about relation between Lee and Liu in
    Asia that range from enemies, rivals, friends, to relatives. At one
    point between 2009 and 2011, Butterfly Leung for Wellington and Kato’s
    gang said: “The real Lee or Lee kin died long time ago and some
    prostitutes prop up a substitute and puppet with high tech identity
    theft and FACE/OFF technology similar to those in Hollywood movies.”
    Many in the area and in Asia who infiltrated Hollywood have been
    trying to undermine Lee with the movie American Gigolo and Richard
    Gere (Chinese translation of last name for Gere is Lee) in the Battle
    of Homonym for more than 30 years. Between 2009 and 2012, some
    bystanders on the road repeatedly said to Liu: “Just kill several one
    with the last name Lee and it will be fine.” Other bystanders also
    suggested that they can wipe out Lee with one hand and they don’t need
    aid from anyone else to destroy Lee.”
    Although Butterfly Leung for Wellington, Kato, Lee, Jap, Jap fan and their gang admit to poison me (aka yu fung Liu) and employed tactics such as sleep deprivation once a while for 3 years long mainly to extract information during Cold War, 1991 Desert
    Storm, 1996 Dong Feng missile crisis and partly to weaken me physically after 2009 by taking advantage of legal loophole and human right standard in certain region of the world, I am still in strong spirit. Modern unit 731 used different kind of poison
    on political rivals for 8 years long at Fortress hill subway station, near China-Hong Kong hotels at North Point that led to the casualty of a Rottweiler, in Canada where caused several male guards wounded and finally my car accident and coma. Between
    2001 and 2011, some in Asia said to Liu: “You should let Lee eaten by hyena.”
    During the period of 2009 and 2011, Jap, Lee, Leung, butterfly as Wellington, their fan and international friends repeatedly imply/claim rape fantasy of 70 years old women in public and at night for more than 500 times in shortly several months. These
    kind of subhuman deserve no human right and only to be ethnically massacred in a holy war.
    On Sep 29, 2011, Jap, Lee, Leung annouce that they have found my body (aka yu fung Liu) among hundreds of dead at 11:00. Jap, Lee, Leung have claimed credit for killing me (aka yu fung Liu) and hundreds for my refusal to continue to cover up their dirt.
    Therefore, I am generous to offer Jap, Lee, Leung another chance to kill me legally in duel before Oct 30, 2011. Since I am still alive till now after Sep 29, 2011, Jap, Lee, Leung certainly can try another assassination attempt to prove that they are
    somebody and their words mean something before the deadline of Oct 30, 2011. Subject: looking for relatives with US citizenship and I need all the docments concerning my diplomatic immunity backTo whom it concern:Yu Fung LIU, a visitor of Diao Yu Tai
    State Guest House with diplomatic immunity was sentenced to Kwai Chung hospital for mental health, free speech, rescue American children in front of US consulate and thousands of Chinese. Supporters and fans of Butterfly Leung for Wellington, Kato Lee,
    Jap also believe that wild predators are stronger than human and therefore it is impossible for human to KO predators with barehands. Anyone making such claim must be mentally insane.
    Yu Fung Liu (aka yu biao) is also a relative of US citizens and rescue western hostage and US marine around 1990.Both the judge and doctor took bribe in this so-called "show down for USA and the West" along with their new movie release "Headed West" in
    the war of homonym and foul language that the word "west" also stand for sexual organ of women in local language.With a huge advertisment on the front side of Dragon center, they made their points clear to all the customers, visitors, and everyone live
    near beside the shopping mall by taking advantage of legal loophole in local lawYu Fung LIU, once received email from national security advisor of President Obama during 2009Feb 20, 2013

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