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    “Before they killed him, I could hear him screaming so hard,
    asking them not to kill him. But they did”

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    Article compiled by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria –
    April 13 2017


    BARBERTON – Peet van Es (55) begged his black attackers to spare
    his life before he was brutally murdered during a farm attack in
    his home on Friday night. His wife, Ms Arine Prins, recounted
    the night of horror to Lowvelder on Saturday. “Don’t kill me,
    you can take anything you want” she recalls hearing.

    He was nonetheless stabbed to death, while Prins and a friend,
    Mr Michael Watt, were assaulted by five armed black thugs. She
    said the attackers wore balaclavas. They entered the house at
    Moseley Farm on the R40 outside Barberton shortly after 20:00.
    Van Es and Prins were originally from the Netherlands, but moved
    to South Africa many years ago. Prins was badly bruised. She
    told the newspaper that three armed black thugs entered the
    house and two followed them later. “My husband was sleeping
    upstairs and we were downstairs when they arrived. They told us
    to be quiet and immediately took my phone. They tied our hands
    and legs using speaker wires. “They assaulted me, demanding to
    know where we kept the safe. They covered my head with a plastic
    bag and used a pillow trying to suffocate me. They put me on the
    water bed and tried to rape me, but couldn’t.”

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    During her ordeal, some of the thugs went upstairs and stabbed
    her husband in the back. She wasn’t sure how many. “Before they
    killed him, I could hear him screaming so hard, asking them not
    to kill him. But they did,” she said. “He told them to take
    anything they wanted, but that didn’t stop them. “They took the
    jewellery I was wearing and other things in the house before
    leaving. After they left, I screamed for help. Fortunately the
    neighbours heard me,” said Prins.

    The thugs left after 00:00. Hi-Tech Barberton arrived at the
    scene first. Mr Sakkie Dednam of Hi-Tech said they received the
    call-out at 00:36 and responded immediately. Officers arrived at
    00:50. “Upon their arrival, the deceased was already dead,” he
    said. According to police spokesman, Brig Leonard Hlathi, they
    are investigating the murder and house robbery. Nobody has been
    arrested. He confirmed that Van Es was stabbed with an unknown
    object when a struggle ensued between him and the thugs. They
    stole various electrical appliances, including televisions and
    the victim’s vehicle. The vehicle was later discovered abandoned
    in Brander Street, Mbombela by Hi-Tech Nelspruit, said according
    to business employees in the area it was likely abandoned there
    since the weekend. “A community member who read the article
    spotted it and informed us. Some of the people said they first
    saw it on Monday morning,” Police were were also called to the

    Provincial police commissioner, Lt Gen Mondli Zuma, condemned
    the attack. “To anyone that is involved in this kind of evil,
    you can run but you cannot hide. It is only a matter of time
    before we catch you, then send you to where people like you
    belong,” said Zuma. Anyone with information that may assist the
    investigation can call Lt Col Ruben Pilusa on 071-525-1839 or
    their nearest police station. A memorial will be held for Van Es
    on the farm at 15:00 on Friday.(Link)

    IN another racial attack on whites a white farmer was clubbed to
    death in his bed in the jakkalsdans district near Cullinan
    Pretoria. According to News 24 him and his partner were sleeping
    when black thugs broke into their homestead- and started to
    assault the pair. The female victim managed to jump through a
    window and ran for help. The white farmer was brutally murdered
    in his own bed. ( Link)

    A white farm was attacked by black thugs in the Ermelo
    District. A fremale police member also was seriously wounded
    when they responded to the distress call. She was taken to the
    intensive care unit.

    Another farm was attacked in the Mosley distgrict on Monday
    April 10 2017. FIVE black thugs of which three was armed broke
    into the homestead. A tussle ensued and the white farmer was
    stabbed to death- ehreafter the black thugs robbed the family of
    electrical equipment and then fled with the family’s Chevrolet
    Utility pick-up. Five unknown black males, three of them with
    firearms entered into the farm , broke in and found two white
    males and 1 white female. There was a struggle with one white
    male and he was stabbed with an unknown sharp object in the
    process and died on the scene.

    Eleven black thugs driving two vehicles, a Toyota Quantam Taxi
    and a Toyota Corolla arrived on a farm situated in Laersdrift,
    Middelburg pretending to be cattle buyers. Within minutes the
    thugs started shooting at the white farmer and a black worker,
    but fled when the farmer fired back. The same farm has been
    targeted three times during 2015. During one of the attacks, the
    farmer and his wife were held at gunpoint by six armed black

    And in Tzaneen a white woman was shot in the face by black thugs
    when they broke into her home where she and her two children
    were asleep. When the family woke up- then thugs already were in
    the house. A struggle ensued whereby the woman was shot in the
    face. ( Link)

    Near Bloemfontein a 60 year old white lady was brutally attacked
    by black thugs that ambushed her when she arrived home on her
    farm. The thugs ambushed her as she was entering her house. They
    tied her up and start to rob her belongings after which they
    fled.( Link)

    Two white homes were robbed in less than an hour in the East of
    Pretoria at the weekend. Helena Jansen van Vuuren (26) opened up
    about her ordeal where five black thugs entered her house in
    Constantia Park. Five black thugs broke into Jansen van Vuuren’s
    family home in Bevil Street on Saturday around 13:00. Another
    white house in Faerie Glen was targeted in the same hour. Jones
    said five black thugs forced a white man inside his house at
    gunpoint after he drove into his driveway in Panbult Street
    between 13:00 and 14:00. The black thugs also drove a silver
    vehicle. Electronic goods, watches and the safe with firearms
    were raided,” said Jones. Police were investigating a charge of
    house robbery. (Link)

    Mr. Johan Vosloo fought off two black thugs on his godfather’s
    farm near Friedenham, Nelspruit on Wednesday, March 29.
    According to a report by the local community newspaper, the
    Lowvelder, Vosloo stabbed one of the thugs in his face using his
    own knife in an attempt to save the elderly relatives from
    becoming victims of a farm attack. The brave Vosloo had to
    defend himself against another suspect who was armed with a gun.
    The thugs fled, and the police were notified.(Link)

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    IN the Bothaville district more than 100 white farmers worked
    together in apprehending six black Zimbabwean thugs.

    MARGATE police are searching for three black thugs who stabbed
    and robbed a 65-year-old white woman at her home in Lynne Road,
    Ramsgate last Friday. According to police spokesman, Captain
    Gerald Mfeka, the woman heard a knock at the door at around
    3.30pm. “When she opened the door, she didn’t see anyone there,
    but suddenly three men armed with knives appeared. They grabbed
    her through the security gate, held a knife to her throat and
    and demanded she open the gate,” he said. The thugs entered and
    the woman was pushed to the floor while the house was searched
    for valuables.(Link)

    And another white fgarmer- Richard Stoffberg (74)- was attacked
    and robbed on his farm by two black thugs. He was clubbed in the
    face with the rear end of an axe and threatened with a pistol. .
    They tied him up- robbed his house- and fled. Stoffberg was tied
    up for FOUR days when eventually being rescued. The thugs stole
    his pick up and R 500.00 ( Link)

    A white student at the Stellenbosch university was stabbed in
    the chest by a black thug that stopped next to her in a white
    BMW. The thug got out of the car- stabbed the unexpected student
    in the chest- and then stole her laptop. He then got into the
    car and drove away. ( Link)

    An eight-year-old white disabled boy was sitting outside with
    Santie – a 38-year-old female at their home in Ermelo Road,
    Strubenvale, Springs. Around 10H00 two African black males
    wearing blue overalls and balaclavas entered the yard and forced
    them inside the house. The thugs demanded money and Santie told
    them she had none. One of the thugs went to the kitchen and
    found a knife, he then stabbed the boy five times on his hand,
    chest and on the back of his body. Santie sustained some bruises
    on her hands. The thugs proceeded to the bedroom, ransacked the
    room, and fled with a laptop and a tablet. Santie and the young
    child were taken to hospital for treatment. The police are
    investigating the incident.(Link)

    In Randfontein a white mother – Lorette Kruger– fought off a
    black car hi-jacker. He wanted to hi-jack her car- producing a
    fire arm and told her : ” “Get out of the car, you f@#$%^& white
    b*&^%, because I am going to shoot you.” She fought back and bit
    the bastard on his arm. She said there were a police vehicle
    behind her- but the useless police were too shit scared to help
    her. She managed to get away after riding over his foot. ( Link)

    In the early morning hours of 13 April a white couple was
    attacked on a farm on the Eiland road Letsetele area Limpopo.
    Three black thugs cut the fence and forced the door open to the
    house. The thugs then assaulted the couple. Er 24 was on scene
    and no serious injuries were sustained. The thugs fled with a
    firearm, cellphones and other valuables. Saps, Letsetele Cpf,
    Farmers, Northern Security and Canine security started to search
    for the thugs. The thugs are still at large and Saps is busy

    In Delmas black racists are pelting white farmers and white
    motorists passing by.

    And in Brits a white woman was held hostage by three black thugs
    more than an hour while she was assaulted and threatened with
    rape and murder.(Link)

    SOURCE: White Nation




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