• Physician-assisted Suicide and militant secularism

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    Yesterday on the eNCA news channel in South Africa there were reports
    that the Congress of the People Party (COPE) would be sponsoring a
    Bill in Parliament about "living wills".

    While I don't have any strong objections to that in principle (though
    I haven't seen the terms of the Bill), the spokesman for Cope and
    DignitySA,who are sponsoring the Bill, went on to say that they would
    later be advocating physician-assisted suicide, and said that religion
    and morality should have no role in public life in a secular state.
    That I do have strong objections to.

    I've written about this in a blog post, which you can see here:


    I have also posted links to the blog post on Twitter (@hayesstw) and
    Facebook. Whether you agree with what I said in the article or not, I
    think it is important that we discuss the issues raised by this, which
    is I see as two-fold:

    1. Even though most political parties support the pro-death culture in
    one way or another (war, abortion, capital punishment,
    physician-assisted suicide, etc.), can one vote for a party that
    wants to extend this still further?

    2. Can one accept the idea that religion and morality have no role to
    play in public life in a secular society?

    Steve Hayes

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