• Is this a crime against humanity?

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    Semantic knowledge, of the meanings of words and properties of objects,
    shapes our understanding of the world and guides our behaviour. Each of
    us has a wide range of conceptual knowledge distilled from a lifetime
    of experiences. Effective semantic cognition – that is, the ability
    to use semantic knowledge to complete cognitive tasks – requires us
    to both represent this information in an accessible form and to control
    how we access and manipulate it in specific situations.
    Long-term semantic representation is essential because it allows
    us to generalise knowledge gained from previous experience into novel situations6. If we have a stored representation of the typical
    characteristics of, for example, a particular breed of dog, when we
    meet a new member of that breed we can predict its likely behaviour.

    No! No! No! That is stereotyping, racism, apartheid
    or inductive inference.

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