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    ——> "I may state without fear of contradiction
    that there is not one inch of land in the New Zealand
    Islands which is not claimed by the Maoris; and is not a
    hill, or a valley, stream, river, or forest, which has
    not a name, the index of some point of Maori history"

    — John White
    Maori Land Tenure
    Ngāti Toarangatira
    Te Tau Ihu
    Ngāti Raukawa

    I'm interested in the opinion of "native peoples"?

    Whereas the "European originated colonialists" will soon substantially
    have vacated South Africa, like in Hatti [independent fro over 2
    centuries], Nigeria, Kenya, N & S. Rhodesia ...etc.;
    is this really what the Maoris want too?

    What is the percentage Maori population?

    == TIA.

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