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    From Steve Hayes@21:1/5 to All on Wed Nov 3 07:30:21 2021
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    We've just had local government elections, and to judge from what I've
    seen so far, most South Africans seem to find the current crop of
    politicians as uninspired and uninspiring as I do, so much so that
    more than half the people who were eligible to vote didn't bother
    to do so, so we are back to minority rule.

    Most people who did vote, however, seem to have voted for the same old
    boring politicians that have allowed us to drift to where we are.

    I think it's perhaps time for a ministry of all the talents -- the
    people who have been sidelined by other political parties because they
    were too honest, had too much vision or weren't corrupt enough.

    Perhaps people like Jay Naidoo, who tweeted:

    Jay Naidoo @Jay_Naidoo
    We have to imagine a democracy without political parties at
    #localgovernment. I still have not had a single candidate knock on my
    door to tell me what they stand for. We are just voting for the
    #partybosses to continue to #breakpromises and take us for granted.

    And others like Mbazima Shilowa, whose brain-child the Gautrain is the
    only passenger rail transport in the country still working properly,
    because most of the railway infrastructure elsewhere has been stolen
    or vandalised -- on Monday midnight we were woken by gunshots and
    shouting and about 10 people with flashing torche3s across the road by
    the railway line. Heard next morning that they had arrested three
    cable thieves, many wondered that there was anything left for them to
    steal -- no passenge trains have run there for at least 18 months.
    Shilowa was actually sidelined twice -- first by the ANC and then by

    Perhaps Mary Metcalfe, former Gauteng MEC for education, who is still campaigning for early childhood education.

    Any other nominations?

    Steve Hayes

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