• Guns banned...British teenagers sent to East Africa to avoid rising

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    Hundreds of British teenagers are being shipped by their parents to parts
    of East Africa to avoid the rising knife crime in the United Kingdom that
    has claimed more than 100 lives this year alone, reports say.

    Representatives of the small Somali community in London told local media
    that hundreds of children have been flown to various African nations
    because of rising concerns over drug gangs and county lines – the criminal networks that use children to transport drugs out of the cities.

    The children have been sent to Somalia, Somaliland, and Kenya.

    “Sending them away has become the only way they can be safe,” Rakhia Ismail, the new mayor of Islington told the Observer earlier this year. “This issue of safety has been repeatedly raised by the community but nobody has listened. So many children have gone abroad.”


    Instead of kitchen cutlery, they'll have to contend with pangas:



    The 1992 Hutu/Tutsi hack-and-chop bongo bongo is a good example...

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