• Abortion Could Be Unforgivable Sin

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Tue Nov 8 00:12:56 2022
    You could argue that many women promoting woman rights, sexual "freedoms" (in fact, they bind the men and boys in spirit), the so-called
    "reproductive rights": they ate poets, singers, and philosophers.

    However, I might add: how many books would have a serial killer
    to write to let him go from life sentence? How many more to enter
    Paradise or Heaven? Without ever showing remorse for lost lives,
    but claiming that he is above the Law?

    Would you let such a serial killer in Heaven? Obviously, considering
    himself above the Law and holiness of life, he might kill there too,
    forfeiting yet another Paradise.

    This time it has to be perfect. Nothing lying, stealing, cheating,
    killing, prostituting holy or sacred values shall enter. Nothing
    that considers murder a "right" like Nazis had because they
    thought they are the higher race, the Aryans. And their victims

    Besides that, the victims of abortion as murder are in worse
    position than the victims of a serial killer: they have not been
    baptised, and, legally, they still have the sin of Adam.
    This might put them in the Limb until Judgment Day.

    Think about this before indulging in "freedoms" again.

    in the Lord

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