• Why Does The Eiffel's Tower Still Stand?

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    Actually, the Eiffel's tower still stands because someone disobeyed direct military order that was barbaric and made no military sense.

    "Von Choltitz learned later that Model’s headquarters had received the order from Hitler but did not pass it on. His staff had found it on the network and given it to him. Some Germans in France agreed with von Choltitz and Speidel that Paris should
    not become a field of ruins."

    The Holy Bible is not silent about the disobedience of this type: general
    Joab of king David did a half-hearted job in executing David's commandment of the unlawful census of the population, which provoked wrath and cause a plague. Joab did not count the members of all tribes, because he loathed the command. But this was not
    exactly a military command in a war. The example of general von Choltitz of Wehrmacht is a more contemporary example.

    “I’m thinking that as well,” von Choltitz replied. Later he wrote that it was obvious that he and Dessloch agreed and “did not wish this senseless and barbaric bombardment of the city.” But with their phone conversation likely monitored by the
    Gestapo, they had to talk to each other “tongue in cheek” so that everything would seem to be in line with orders.


    in the LORD

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