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    Ilya Shambat kirjoitti 5.9.2022 klo 14.21:

    As somebody who used to support Vladimir Putin, I am infuriated at what he has been doing in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have done nothing to deserve what is happening to them. However that is not where the matter ends.

    In 1985, the Soviet leadership elected a noble-minded leader named Mikhail Gorbachev. He tried to make the place more democratic and more humane. In 1991 the Communist hardliners put him under house arrest. The people poured into the Red Square; the
    hardliners sent in tanks; however the military refused the orders to shoot at the people. The Soviet military made a noble and righteous decision. And the reward for their nobility has been their country plundered and its people treated like dirt.

    Has the world failed to learn anything from the Second World War? The lesson is that you don’t humiliate a proud country. What Putin has been doing in Ukraine has been just as wrong as what Hitler had done. But he has support of people who are in no
    way evil; who have seen their country dragged through the dirt and who are correctly angry at what has happened to their country.

    Typical Russian: blame other people for your own wrong doings and
    failings. Russias problems are not our fault, but completely of domestic origin.


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