• Countermeasures to the evil empire of the JUBU weapons system

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    Countermeasures to the evil empire of the JUBU weapons system

    Allied Axis HUFA(s):
    1)Homeopathy - Europe
    2)Tzar bomb - Russia
    3)UFO - Orient
    4)Dune(Spice mileange fermented beetlenut) - Arabia
    5)UNIX Network - America
    6)The Deprogram - Australia
    7)Cybermatrix - Aryavarta
    8)X-Ray laser - Yahuda
    9)Energon(wireless electricity generator) - Africa
    10)A.I. - Britania
    11)Black-Scholes - Reservations

    Tool - Use - Malady When Injested
    A)Psychotropics - Fertilizer - Sickle cell anemia?
    B)Liquor - Cleaning solvent - Birth defect?
    C)Tobacco - Paint - Muscular dystrophy
    D)Narcotics - Pefumes - Clep?
    E)Soya - Coloring - Mental illness
    F)Steroids - Pest control - Genetic defect?

    JUBU Weapon Systems:

    JUBU Harbingers of the Dying Arts:

    Those harbingers who are licensced are the ones to
    beware of. The Guru Pragma, CompuBBS, and Cybermatrix
    are measures against them. I find the GURU pragma helps
    to free the educated from being institutionalized. The
    Cybermatrix helps to overcome the dysparity between rich
    and poor of whichever caste like pyramid scheme
    multi-level massacre scenario by promoting synergy or
    mutual success of a hypothetical Greek phi ratio of
    1.618. The CompuBBS may help with respect to the Jewish
    political dogmatic reign of Satanic tryanny, as their is
    power in numbers.

    Learnig how to communicate, learning how to deal with
    money, and learning how to have a proper meditation of
    the heart helps anyone to better be able to overcome and
    defeat the ways of the zerosum gamers who worship the
    Gandhi, Bodhai, and Kudaji heavily promoted through the
    republics of Taiwan, Israel, Sicily, Haiti, Hawaii,
    Trinidad, Indonesia, Phillipines, Tibet, and
    Brooklyn(NY, USA).

    1)Charcocaps Activated charcoal - helps with hallucinations
    2)Magnesium citrate oral solution - helps with mania?
    3)Pectasol chelation complex - helps with ocd?
    4)Metamucil - helps with insomnia?
    5)Pelligrino Mineral water - helps with depression
    6)Lactose intolerant milk - helps with anxiety
    7)Cola - helps with incoordination

    The European homeopathic concept of a weakened pathogen
    is the most effective means of dealing with various
    medical maladys. This I have found in my 45 years of
    existence in this earth planet. Somethings work and
    this homeopathy industry of Europe is the best.

    Homeopathics - weakened elemental poison
    Vaccine - weakened virus
    Antibtiotics - weakened fungi
    GMO - weakened bacteria

    Also, the concept of food is medicine is also worthy of
    praise. According to British biology the digetstive
    system is a type of recycling system for our body. The
    food we put into our digestive system through our mouth
    is processed so that the parts of the food are reused to
    replenish and even recover vital organs of our body. It
    is for that reason why it is so important to eat the
    necessary food stuffs from meat, dairy, fish, poultry,
    breads, noodles, beans, sugar, cola, mineral water and
    so on. The food is medicine concept is quite true.

    The dangers of a limited diet is more than anything.
    Such diets as vegetarianism, veganism, fruitarianism,
    macrobioticism, fasting, pescatarianism, breatharianism,
    and so on of whichever ascetic delusion are more fatal
    than anything. That too injesting unfit for human
    consumption products that are harmful to major organs as
    the brain, heart, stomach, muscle, lungs, eros, and
    intestine in definitely no good. So beware.

    Control substances like the following tend to damage the
    following organs:
    Psychotropics - damages stomach?
    Narcotics - damages intestine?
    Liquor - damages the liver
    Soya - damages the brain
    Tobacco - damages the lungs
    Steroids - damages the eros(penis and testicles, vagina)

    It is possible to recover through such contaminations of
    the mind, body, heart, soul, eros, and ethos by calling
    upon a higher power as the Guru Christ Jesus. I tell
    ya, somethings work. Calling upon Christ Jesus helps
    acquire the necessary basic needs of food, shelter,
    clothing, vaccines, technologys, and gaudys to be able
    to gain good health. That too calling upon Christ Jesus
    regularly and even to say daily helps to overcome the
    ways of institution, homeless shelter, jail, rahab,
    internment camp, and even to say deportation center.
    You have to believe in a higher power who cares for you
    and wants you to succeed beyond your own containment.
    There is some good out there in that way. Christ Jesus
    can truly show you the truth, the way, and the life to
    overcome the Jewish dogmatic and ascetic ways to say the

    The beauty with Christ Jesus as the GURU is that love
    and enlightenment is possible. The Bodhai may talk of
    compassion and enlightenment but I find those ways of
    Mantra, Zazen, and Koan are not effective or result true
    when it concerns comfort and belonging. That too being
    able to live the good life. Those of the Dhying Arts
    will tell you right in your own face that it all
    meaningless. That is the reality of the Satanic Dharma
    and thier ways of self destruction. So beware!!!

    The Bodhai may talk of compassion and enlightenment, but
    the prayer to Christ Jesus and the study of the Holy
    Bible makes it true. Simply by saying the following
    testimonys you will enter a world of wonder more awesome
    than anything. They are as follows:

    Shahada testimony in Arabic:
    Ashaadu ila ila-ha ila-allah wa; ashaadu anna mohammadan
    rasulu Allah
    (There is only of God; and Prophet Mohammad is the last
    and final one of Him)

    Salvation testimony in English:
    O Yah; I admit I am a sinner; I believe that I need
    Jesus Christ to overcome sin and death; I confess of my

    Shema testimony in Hebrew:
    Shema Israel adonai elohanu adonai ehad; baruch shem
    kavod malchuto layolem vaed
    (Hear oh Israel, Hashem is our God, Hashem is one;
    blessed be the name of his kingdom forever and ever)

    Symbol of Faith testimony in Greek:
    Pistévo se énan Theó,
    Patéra Pantodýnamos,
    Dimiourgós tou ouranoú kai tis gis,
    kai ólon ton pragmáton oratón kai aóraton.
    Kai se énan Kýrio Iisoú Christó,
    o gios tou Theoú,
    genníthike apó ton Patéra
    prin apó óles tis ilikíes
    Fos fotós,
    alithinós Theós tou alithinoú Theoú,
    genníthike, den dimiourgíthike,
    mias ousías me ton Patéra
    metá apó poia óla ta prágmata éginan.
    Poios gia emás ántres
    kai gia ti sotiría mas
    katévike apó ton ouranó
    kai ensarkóthike apó to Ágio Pnévma
    kai i parthéna María
    kai égine ánthropos.
    Stavróthike gia emás
    ypó ton Póntio Piláto,
    kai ypéfere kai tháftike.
    Kai sikóthike tin tríti iméra,
    sýmfona me tis Grafés.
    Anévike ston parádeiso
    kai káthetai sto dexí chéri tou Patéra.
    Kai tha érthei xaná me dóxa
    na kríneis tous zontanoús kai tous nekroús.
    To Vasíleio tou den tha échei télos.
    Kai sto Ágio Pnévma,
    o Kýrios, o Dimiourgós tis zoís,
    Poios proérchetai apó ton Patéra,
    Poios mazí me ton Patéra kai ton Yió
    latrévetai kai doxázetai,
    Poios mílise gia tous profítes.
    Se éna, ieró, katholikó,
    kai apostolikí Ekklisía.
    Omologó éna váptisma
    gia ti synchóresi ton amartión.
    Psáchno gia tin anástasi ton nekrón,
    kai ti zoí tis epoménis epochís.
    (I believe in one God,
    Father Almighty,
    Creaor of heaven and earth,
    and of all things visible and invisible.
    And in one Lord Jesus Christ,
    the ony-begotten Son of God,
    begotten of the Father
    before all ages;
    Light of Light,
    true God of true God,
    begotten, not created,
    of one essence with the Father
    through Whom all things were made.
    Who for us men
    and for our salvation
    came down from heaven
    and was incarnate of the Holy Spirit
    and the Virigin Mary
    and became man.
    He was crucified for us
    under Pontius Pilate,
    and suffered and was buried;
    And He rose on the third day,
    according to the Scriptures.
    He ascended into heaven
    and is seated at the right hand of the Father;
    And He will come again with glory
    to judge the living and dead.
    His Kingdom shall have no end.
    And in the Holy Spirity,
    the Lord, the Creator of life,
    Who proceeds from the Father,
    Who together with the Father and the Son
    is worshipped and glorified,
    Who spoke thorugh the prophets.
    In one, holy, catholic,
    and apostolic Church.
    I confess one baptism
    for the forgiveness of sins.
    I look for the resurrection of the dead,
    and the life of the age to come.)

    The control substances mentioned above are the means by
    which the evil empire of the JUBU; eminating from the
    republics of Taiwan, Israel, Sicily, Haiti, Hawaii,
    Trinidad, Indonesia, Phillipines, Tibet, and
    Brooklyn(NY, USA); are able to mastermind the populace
    and herd and condition them into mutually assured
    destructive scenarios. The level of ignorance they play
    off the masses is more than anything.

    At present the JUBU weapons systems of
    Transcendentalism, Allopathy, Microsoft, Niggervision,
    Palmistry, Insurance are able to garner a wealth that
    has a rate of regression ending in a total collapse of
    whichever economic system. Already, by 1990 Communism
    as an economic system collapsed. Then, by 2008
    capitalism as an economic system collapsed. I find
    whichever people, places, and things evidence a Jewish
    trespass tend to collapse and is evidenced in history of
    whichever written work of man. That too proven
    documentarilly, actually, theorectially, logically,
    financially, and evangelically.

    While the Jew maybe a viable teacher within the pedagogy
    industry their involvement in other industrys to the
    point of rule and control is seriously dangerous. My
    industry of I.T. or to say Information Techology is
    wraught with all sorts of Jewish trespass. That is the
    issue our employees face. Spiritually, financially,
    politically the I.T. industry is no good and needs
    serious deprogramming.

    The Jew of whichever Yiddish, Zen, Vudu, Hindu, LGBTQ,
    Trini, Creole, Hapa, Hoon, and Roma ancestorys is a
    curse to humanity. From Nubian civilization to the New
    Age Movement to whichever NYUNET corporations we see a
    world vexed by the Jewish trespass to the point of ruin.
    The Jew is a nigger galore. More bad luck than anything
    underneath the sun. The level of irritation,
    frustration, and angst they can breed is more than
    anything. What is the use is the common phrase with
    them around.

    The Jewish mottos of nothing for nobody, nowhere no how,
    and only the good die young are seriously dangerous for
    anyone into a life of comfort and belonging to say the
    least. Those who patronize the Jew end up seriously
    ruined. Already in my span of nearly 45 years I have
    observed seriously gifted and talented people who have
    patronized or not have warred with the Jews to have lost
    name and fame.

    You know those suburban American dream folks? Quite a
    number have donned on the name of some stinken Jew and
    have through government writ abandoned their ancestoral
    family names. That too, they have also become seriously
    denounced as being malpractitioners of the evil forces
    of Satanism through the worship of Gandhi, Bodhai, and
    Kudaji. Through the pride and prejudice in the Jewish
    ethos they too will give up the desire for money and end
    up as serious loosers and become Star Warsed, so they
    say as they say. They maybe end up being killed off
    while the Jewish blight gets their property and
    whichever other biodata.

    Our Group of 72 is challenged this way. Notice the
    following smurf talents of the various members of our

    Group of 72:
    1)Oriental - sexuality
    2)Indian - technology
    3)Arabian - spirituality
    4)Russian - legality
    5)European - homeopathy
    6)African - realty
    7)Hispanic - fiduciary
    8)British - grocery
    9)Australia - hospitality?
    10)Reservations - security

    Group of 10:
    0)Judea - pedagogy

    A)Yiddish - Math
    B)Zen - Calisthenics
    C)Vudu - Science?
    D)Hindu - History
    E)LGBTQ - Foreign Language
    F)Trini - Drafting?
    G)Creole - Cooking
    H)Hapa - Troubleshooting
    I)Hoon - Programming?
    J)Roma - English

    The above are the Group of 10 X-Files conspirators
    popularized in the Niggervision series known as X-Files
    of the same name. X-Files is also the logbook in the
    institutional system and is the record of what happens
    when the Jewish trespass into anyones' life, liberty,
    pursuit of happiness, property, faith, and propriety
    becomes. The dangers of the Jewish blight is more than
    anything. I have discovered late in life that prayer to
    Jesus Christ and the study of the Holy Bible to be
    seriously good as the foundation of education for anyone
    concerned with success, whichever it means.

    All the Jews do is plagarize off of people and run off
    with the money and not give a single bit to the authors
    of such endeavors as publications, patenting,
    programming and so on. The Jew is the bilker and
    swindeler of the world.

    The religious war of the Jew is more dangerous than
    anything. So many, who are into education are lead into
    a life of apathy, clumsiness, incoordination,
    impatience, confusion, and inefficiency to say the
    least. The level of institutionalization the Jews can
    incur is more dangerous than anything.

    The Jew is largely about the manufacture of what is
    called blood money. Blood money is the common Jewelry
    found in certain stores of the Jewish diaspora. Blood
    money is manufactured through the forced use of control
    chemicals in the human body, which when under the
    influence of the Dying Arts, serious geometrys of
    whichever conic are found after the human body is
    murdered prematurely. That is what they call Jewelry.

    Without the holocaust of the Jew, it is not possible to
    life a life for a sentient human being. Our lands of
    the Indian subcontinent and even to say any who are
    historically considered Indian are seriously challenged
    by the Jewish blight and their trespass for the sake of
    the Satanic reigh of whichever Dying Arts tyranny. That
    is the issue.

    The following is a possible Hakenkruz for us Deshis to
    implement toward the Holocaust of the Jews and their
    evil empire of the JUBU.

    MMMMMK, ,xNMMMMMNx' .:kK0kxdxO00o' .lKWMNk;..OMMMMM
    MMMMMN: ,xNMMMMMXx' .,'. ..'' .ld; ,KMMMMM

    Notice the isotoxal in the center which represents
    anti-fascism. Nothing more fascist than the Jewish
    blight and their ways of Gandhianism, Buddhism, and

    For now the Jews and thier evil empire of the JUBU is
    able to be victorys politically, financially, and
    spiritually through the religious war against anyone and
    everyone who are not their own. Investing in the Jew is
    a mistake more grievous than anything. The only thing I
    find that works with the Jew is to consistently strive
    to murder them one way or the other. Without murdering
    thier kind, they will not honor any trade agreement
    established with them.

    The destruction of the World Trade Center and even the
    Television series of Smallville really revealed a world
    of wonder more wonderful than anything. Notice the
    following benefits that occured for me through such
    destruction of the Jewish divestments:

    1)Destriction of the World Trade Center - retired by the
    age of 30

    2)Drowning of Louisiana - escape vegetarianism and
    started going to McDonald's regulary which helped to
    heal by broken hip tendon due to the bullshit Kung Fu
    practice of Yogic stretching excercises

    3)Devastation of IRAQ - entered the gateless gate of the
    Abrahamic traditions and found a proper meditation of
    the heart

    4)Desimation of Hispania - escaped the culture of the

    5)Disillusion of Caribbean - may help with getting my
    inheritance through the social security system

    6)Deprogramming of the Rule by Might involving Hongkong,
    Pakistan, Germany, Morocco, and Argentina - may assist
    toward soveriegnty and hegemony for us believers of the
    ontology of Christ Jesus as the Guru(model of
    relationship), God(higher power), and Gnosis(way of

    In my 25 years of study of Computer Science, I have
    found somethings that may work toward the valorization
    and inundation of the Network. They are as follows:

    2)Guru Pragma viz Christ Jesus prayers
    3)Cybermatrix open source FIAT like moneys network of
    databases using spreadsheets as the record
    4)Profosan water filtration tool to output water on par
    with Pelligrino mineral water and a homeopathic remedy
    5)Evangelicalism as a spiritual system amongst Deshis of
    the Indian subcontinent 6)Existentialism as a possible
    economic system for the bank to reinforce, nurture,
    foster, encourage synergy or mutual success of a
    hypothetical Greek phi ratio of 1.618

    7)Somanix productivity enivronment
    8)Anti-gravity engine
    9)Wireless electricity generator
    10)A.I. dongle

    11)Emcronexus security measure for various security
    gaurds who are not of the government licensed police
    12)Tektocracy open source writ like legalitys using the
    Ayn Rand postulates of the self using the "I am" sense
    of self beyond the Jewish slave words of whichever caste
    like disposition.

    Prime Diretive:
    0)Do not allow for the trespass of the Jewish diaspora.

    Hedge: ------ We maybe entering a Golden Age for us
    believers of Christ Jesus. Notice the Satanic Dharmic
    pagan calendar ends in 2019, which maybe officially 2020
    since they count from zero. So that may mean that the
    Jewish blight will go into their Kali Yuga or to say age
    of destruction. A Tamil philosopher mentioned to me
    that the Kali Yuga spans to a very long number of years,
    something like 10 to the exponent of 29 zillion years.
    Almost infinite like.

    The Jews are predicting they are going to go through a
    Golden Age for 20,000 years. However, here's the deal,
    the Jewish Golden Age is about looserism in being things
    like vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, fruitarian,
    fastarian, pescatarian to name a few of the starvation
    diets of their ascetic ways. As such we may see serious
    compromises in their health, which will open the door
    for us to mass murder them through serious
    institutionalization and use their own weapons systems
    of transcendentalism, allopathy, microsoft,
    niggervision, palmistry, and insurance against them.

    Plans are under way to develop the Somanix productivity
    environment using the Minix as the kernel for this
    endeavor. The Somanix is as follows in laymens terms:

    CD 0 - Backup CD
    CD 1 - Level 1 Hypervisor[Hardware abstraction layer
    CD 2 - Minix
    CD 3 - X11 server graphical display window
    CD 4 - React OS NT like desktop environment GUI
    CD 5 - CompuBBS with Josh Greene's day trading game
    CD 6 - Library of open source tools
    CD 7 - Free connection to the Internet
    CD 8 - A programming IDE using diagram flowcharting,
    text coding, and muscial notation debugging(HTML bug
    CD 9 - Access to free books of whichever discipline
    CD 10 - An emulator to play mod games of whichever kind
    and backward compatability

    The Somanix is open source and will be available through
    the Internet for download and use. The preferred
    processor for this endeavor is the ARM processor of the
    Raspberry PI thinclient computer. Notice the following

    #)Processor - Unix - CIS niche
    0)SID - Amix - tutoring environment
    1)ARM - Minix - productivity environment
    2)Intel - Linux - databasing environment
    3)Motorola - OSX - multimedia enivronment
    4)Sparc - Solaris - networking enivironment
    5)AMD - Haiku - troubleshooting environment
    6)? - Debian Hurd - programming environment
    7)? - Openstep? - management environment
    8)? - Irix? - gaming environment
    9)? - ? - testing environment
    10)? - ? - security environment

    CIS is known as Computer Information Studies and
    comprises of the at least 3 basic disciplines of
    Computer Science, Information Systems, and Multimedia
    Services. My Bachelors of Science was in Computer
    Science. I look forward to doing an online diplome in
    Information systems. Maybe someday I will try for a
    Multimedia services diploma through some trade school.

    The bottom line with the University education is to
    learn how to deal with moneys. You literally have to
    graduate with the least amount of debt. That bullshit
    of going to the most expensive school to find motivation
    and accreditation is not true. Most expensive schools
    are seriously bad schools of learning. That too they
    are infested with those niggers of the Dying Arts.
    Expensive schools typically attract those people who get
    their diplomas and even admission through some form of
    bribing technique either through the fund raising
    department of the school or thruogh a businessman who
    has the actual exams for whichever course they take.
    The whole thing is a farce.

    Typically, those who are into the world of false
    prestige through the expensive schools evidence a trend
    toward serious looserism, such as the donning of the
    name of some stinken Jew to justify thier level of
    trespass and treason in the name of the Jewish
    allurement, which never works. Notice the result of
    such an endeavor:

    Gypsys - Holocausted
    Africans - Balkanized
    Orientals - Massacred
    Hispanics - Decimated
    British - Inquisitioned
    Australoids(Tamil, Taino, Terron, Tiwi) - Genocided

    That is how far they will go for the sake of their
    bullshit Jewish reciept. Anyway, such is life among
    those of the Satanic ways of the Jewish religious war
    hell bent on the niggardly ways of the Gandhi, Bodhai,
    and Kudaji. The above mentioned social orders are the
    very ones who were against the Greenbacks during
    colonial America and UBI under Richard Nixon.

    Once bitten, twice shy, third time we say no way. As
    Alois S. Nazi mentions in his book "Mien Kampf",
    whenever you involve the Jewish in any endeavor those
    awholes and asswipes of the Gypsy, African, Oriental,
    Hispanic, British, and Australoid Tamil, Taino, Terron,
    and Tiwi diasporas get involved. Time and time again it
    is evidenced documentarilly, actually, theoretically,
    logically, financially, and evangelically that those
    people are the very reason why so many of family,
    country, kith, and kin go kaput.

    In a way the downfall of the World Trade Center,
    Louisiana, IRAQ, Hispania, Caribbean, and the Rule by
    Might involving Hongkong, Pakistan, Germany, Morocco,
    and Argentina are due to the ignorance which is not
    bliss by that of a Jewish divestment. The secret
    relationship by Gypsys, Africans, Orientals, Hispanics,
    British, and Australoid Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi
    diasporas is more historic than anything under the sun.
    It is like all over the place.

    In the JUBU weapon systems including the corporations of
    Transcendentalism, Allopathy, Microsoft, Niggervision,
    Palmistry, and Insurance those people of the Gypsy,
    African, Oriental, Hispanic, British, and Australoid
    Tamil, Taino, Terron, and Tiwi diasporas are literally
    more than a majority. They are like proud stake holders
    to the whole Jewish bilk and swindel zersum game
    fortunelessness. They are more stupid than the you or I
    can possibly dream.

    But, when it concerns the basic needs of food, shelter,
    clothing, vaccines, technology, and gaudys they are
    quite victorious. Yet, when it concerns education, sex,
    moneys, faith, property, and socialization we find them
    to be serious loosers. That is the thing. They
    literally have no sense of place in this world.

    Most of the Gypsys, Africans, Orientals, Hispanics,
    British, and Australoid natives are seriously into
    Jewish slave words in thier sense of self. Typical use
    of words as in Black, White, Asian, Hispanic are quite
    common among them. That too they look upon India for
    enlightenment and whichever other form of bilk and
    swindel while walking backwards into the abyss of death
    of Judea. Hence, their end game of genocide, holocaust,
    inquistion, massacre, decimation, balkanization.

    The level of sympathy vote tactics they can pull off for the
    sake of their Jewish bilk and swindel pride and
    prejudice is more than anything. They are the masters
    of the wanton disregard and disrespect toward anyones'
    life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property, faith,
    and propriety. Hence the use of the following slur

    Gypsy Nigger
    Oriental Scudder
    African Gremlin
    British Gwailo
    Native Khalu
    Hispanic Guido

    The horror of dealing with those people is more than
    anything. While I admit they have a serious use for
    survival purposes, it just cannot be garnered without a
    viable deterence as their murder. Without them being
    consistently under the threat of whichever weapon they
    will not honor any trade agreement. This is true
    according to their own and even myself. For me to even
    mention this it cannot be done without their consent and
    even years of brainwashing through whichever form of
    socializing. It is like that among them.

    You know, when I grew up so many were conditioned to
    believe in the Oriental mystique and in things like
    Japan style management, team work, honor system, support
    system, model minority, global village, and so on. I
    found most of that Oriental mystique is a myth that
    never really became while trying it their way doing
    things as vegetarianism, yoga, meditation, martial arts,
    idolatry, casteism, sports, chess, arguementation, and
    multi-level marketing.

    Beyond the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing,
    vaccines, technologys, and gaudys those of the JUBU are
    seriously dangerous as they are of the bullshit culture
    of the pill and hyperdermic syringe stabbing, which
    never fucken nigger works. Somehow, throughout history
    in this Age of Apocalypse their blame game was able to
    target innocent people like the Polynesians, Indians,
    Russians, Europeans, and Arabians for thier Jewish blood
    money manufacturing techniques through the culture of
    the pill and hyperdermic syringe stabbings, either
    criminally or insituttionally.

    Now, it seems they are working toward a war against the
    Chinese. Already in working toward a war with the
    Arabians quite a number of the Gypsys, Africans,
    Orientals, Hispanics, British, and the Australoid Tamil,
    Taino, Terron, and Tiwi diasporas evidence serious
    compromises in diet. Most of their food stuffs are laden
    with control chemicals as psychotropics, narcotics,
    liquor, tobacco, soay-neurotoxins, and steroids of
    whichever forbidden herbal of the naturopathy. That is
    the danger they pose.

    The JUBU and their priests, politicians, professionals,
    police, professors, and philosophers are the harbingers
    of the religious war and the insituttionalization of the
    masses. It is only through their destruction I find
    somethings work longer than others. That is the sad
    tale of our lives.

    The JUBU are able to be serious and even consistent
    patrons of products of Indian, Chrsitian, Muslim,
    European, and Wumin businesse; which is good. But when
    it concerns the most key antagonism by the Jewish
    blight, namely the Holocaust by the Nazis, they are dead
    against it; although, their very life experiences and
    education proves it otherwise. They are able to for now
    enjoy a level of luxury and creature comforts unlike any
    the world over. Yet, their level of Jewish patronage
    will yield a state of ruin much like that of thier
    Nubian civilization, New Age Movement, and NYUNET

    I tell ya, among them ignorance is literally not bliss.
    Lack of prayer to Jesus Christ on a daily basis is like
    a death worse than anything. So pray about it. Prayer
    works and prayer to Jesus Christ works the best. God
    bless and God speed for Jesus Christ is God, Guru, and
    Gnosis. Good luck to you. I want you to win over the
    forces of Satanism encouraged by Gandhi, Bodhai, Kudaji
    through prayer to Jesus Christ and the study of the Holy

    Let's face it folks, we all need a proper meditation of
    the heart with all those multi-level massacre scenarios
    our there. The GURU pragma viz Christ Jesus prayers is
    an attempt at such an endeavor to better be able to deal
    with things emotionally. Notice the following isms for
    each of the facultys of our being:

    1)Secularism of the school for the mind
    2)Nazism of the home for the body
    3)Evangelicalism of the church for the heart
    4)Socialism of the library for the soul(stomach)
    5)Capitalism of the brothel for the eros
    6)Transcendentalism of the institution for the ethos
    7)Republicanism of the courts for the gut

    The most vital of the isms and consistent of the isms is
    the Evangelicalism. Somethings work. There is some
    good out there. You literally have to call upon the
    best the world has to offer to overcome the evil that
    exists amongst us. Jews are that evil.

    Hiel Hitler!

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    ;OWXo. .,::ONKd;:' .lKNk,
    .cKW0: .,c,..xNXc .::' ;ON0:
    .dNNk' .:,. .xNK: .:;. 'xNXo.
    ,kWXo. . .xNK: . .oXNk'
    .cKW0: .xNK: :0W0:
    .dXNk' .xNK: ,kNXo.
    ,kNXo. .xNK: .oXNx'
    :0W0: .xNK: .:0W0;
    .oXNk' .xNK: ,kNXl.
    ,kNXo. .xNK: .dNNx'
    :0W0: .xNX: .cKWO;
    .oXNk' .xNXc ,OWKl.

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

    "The nature of the good is to overcome and defeat the bad." - divine voice

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