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    Visit Mount Shasta and the Etna of the Siskiyou!
    ..expect alot of soviet pipeheads with herd mentality and false hopes.

    Try the SuperBLT or the Club on Rye, or both.

    Occasionaly I point out worth mentioning discoveries like the fact that if you get jettisoned like garbage out the airlock into outer space (or simulation of such), your checking out in a sixteen billionth of a second, due to water boiling at any
    temprature in a vacuum, during the next 6 seconds, which your not there for, gases and liquids seperate from solids, and the rest of the process is very slow but turns you to hydrogen and then not even that,.. ..proves your brains do in fact operate at
    exactly 108086hz.
    My mice upon proper nutricianal therapy went through retrophases prior to metadom, ie.. their retinas went from soviet with a fungal micellular growth to clean, pretty russian, to black and purple japanese, to 3 stages of american to meta, ..means,
    concerning reception of proper nutricianal therapy, soviets would go through a japanese stage, and a s. american stage prior to a normal stage then meta, a jap, one less stage, and a frenchie, six stages, prior to normal then meta, starting with a
    british stage..

    Dear Lord God,
    ..if I have performed the work of any, who didn't because they wouldn't rather than couldn't, please grant me all their paychecks retroactively and put them in the poorhouse, thanks.
    Also, if any citizens of Poland exist, and want to be loyal to me and their nation, please empower them to do so, they don't even believe you have internet, thanks. ~, H.

    Of the 4000 versions of jesus that aren't matthew's, the two most common are soviet jesus and british jesus..
    ..soviet jesus accepts you no matter what and hands you unmerited favor for asking, british jesus is soviet jesus but calls you the rightious for claiming jesus.

    According to jesus of the bible, he wasn't omnipotant or omnicient, even called himself the son of man meaning not having all the answers, just / right / proper, surrounded by crapoids, praying at god, receiving church.
    He also stated, a peice of crap wont be and isn't expected to pop out candy or vice versa.
    He also said you have to at least be unwilling to sh't to get any consideration, must be at least a living saint to stay above water, that there are far more sh'tties than saint, that 75% of actual saints turn to sh't, and of the 25%, 33.3% are bland,
    lame, and boring to god, and that none can force or stay the hand of god which can but doesn't have to act, nor in any perticular way, but the top 33.3% of the 25% of the mass does in fact make god move, noticably, and has far more pull / juice with god
    than the rest. [o;-)

    ..kinda pointing out I wouldn't illegally sneak into your nations to sh't and maybe take pictures.



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