• Reason and Buryats

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    My calls and prayers for sense and reason were inended to the people
    I met over the Internet: well-educated, well-meaning Russians who know something about logic, mercy, truth and the Holy Scriptures.

    But Mr. Putin appears to use minorities and mercenaries like Wagner
    group in this conflict of "special military operation" in Ukraine.

    None of the responded well to reason: Mr. Ramzan Kadyrov lead
    his nation into a conflict that is neither his nor will contribute to the
    cause of the freedom of his people the Chechens.

    It was and still is my heartfelt prayer that Mr. Kadyrov and his Chechen
    troops do noting to disgrace Chechnya and Islam and faith in God
    on a larger scale.

    Buryats appeared even more cruel at the scene of conflict, and especially
    with the civilians.

    Apparently, very few of them ever read the Internet, and I don't know if they could be reached with any reasoning apart from the chain of command.

    Where is this leading? How does the murder or rape of civilians contribute
    to "denazification of Ukraine"; or how do mass graves?

    This is clear to the educated Russians I spoke to and I still believe in them and their honesty and dedication to the truth and peace. But there is
    a circle around Mr. Putin, the likes of the "hawks" amongst the "neocons"
    in the USA.

    I don't like those, not only because they instill war in which they have
    no intention to fight, but because I believe they are doing bad service
    to the Russian people and Russia, too.

    I always felt something fundamentally wrong when the "hawks" in
    the cafe were discussing the price of my life on the frontlines, to which
    they never planned to go themselves. This is called the sacrifice to Molech
    in the Old Testament, and it is so common to communism as it was
    to the apostatic Israel of the OT.

    Right now we might talk about the real problems that prevent holiness
    of Russia.

    What about the rogue former intelligence soliciting Russian virgins
    to sell their virginity to sex content sites?

    What about printing rubles to cover budget holes, which is damaging directly the value of salaries, retirements, and savings of the common honest Russian citizen. And the accumulation of wealth of the startups and small and medium businesses not connected with the oligarchy and FSB. Those will eventually plummet from inflation and printing rubles, leaving even more of the economy
    in the hands of the few oligarchs.

    Rubel can be made convertible in a couple of years if Kremlin
    decided not to print fiat rubles without coverage in commodities,
    gold and foreign reserves! Citizens could work and save for old
    age based on solid currency and a solid wage.

    But someone lives well from inflation. Obviously, most of
    the benefit goes to the ones in charge of the printing press and those around them.

    This might seem odd or controversial to you, but money is actually
    the measure of the value of work. In the old days, there was a scale and
    people would add silver (shekels) to one side of the scale until it would match the value of goods purchased.

    We do not shrink kilometers so it would look like a politician ran
    the marathon. Neither should money have a value that is constantly
    decreasing due to printing currency without coverage in gold, silver,
    or rare earth minerals. In other words, worthless fiat money that
    isn't worth the paper it is printed on.

    Money should be a fixed unit of measure like meter, kilogram, second,
    or Joule (calorie). Eventually, if the government decreased the calorie
    in our heating system and deliver less energy in the same nominal
    amount of Joules (calories), we would notice apartments get heated less and thereof get colder.

    If the electric company decreased the amount of power delivered
    per kWh to get more rubles, we would eventually notice the deceit!

    But leftie and communist governments traditionally printed money for social expenses, generating inflation. The worst example of this is probably the Weimar republic, which printed excessive money to cover German WW1 foreign reparations, causing in turn
    hyperinflation that made it only sensible
    to drink for the salary in a cabaret before it becomes worthless.

    Eventually, one man, an anti-alcoholic, vegetarian, war veteran, and lover of animals came and said he has a solution.

    But consequently, he led the country into the disaster of WW2.

    This is why hard, convertible rubel is important: to make work
    and savings, accumulation of wealth and investing worthwhile for every Russian citizen, not just those connected
    to the government and its printing press.

    I have prayed over this for quite a while by now, and the best
    answer I've got concerning inflation and its control is to
    stop printing worthless money without value to cover the budget holes.

    Eventually, though it seems like an easy way out, printing worthless
    money doesn't solve anything as it makes money in everybody's
    pocket less worth, like a silent, invisible tax that hits the poorest the

    Inflation makes the poor even poorer and the rich even richer,
    because only the rich have enough to invest in real estate,
    gold, commodities, shares and other assets that do not lose
    value in inflation.

    May God bless you and be with you all.

    in the Lord

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