• Mercy for the Merciful

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    To him who shows no mercy, judgment shall be thereof. But mercy triumphs before Judgment (James 12:13).

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    Mercy is usually represented as giving to the poor and the needy.

    But one can especially tested for his mercy or cruelty in a war like this one.

    Sometimes it seems that our enemy does not deserve mercy, having possibly killed himself before falling captive.

    But once a wise person said that we should not rush to decide whom to put to death, for we do not have the power to extend life to those who do not deserve death.

    We are being tested each day for the Creator to see whether we are material for the image of Christ and the future rulers of the Universe. Before such inheritance, earthly conflicts of this world seem irrelevant. Eventually, there will be peace talks,
    ceasefire, armistice and a lasting peace negotiated.

    Then, the merciful will triumph over those who used the opportunity and the law to put humans to death.

    So, if human lives depend on you, being delivered to death and at your mercy, show them mercy, for you cannot bring them back to life once you kill them and have regrets.

    And many of those who have taken other man's lives in a cruel fashion are later persecuted by their conscience and even turn their hands against very them, condemning themselves.

    Neither is the will of God. If you have killed, you can repent. Moses, David and Paul are all men chosen by God Creator of the Universe who have taken human lives and repented fully. We can see that from their meek nature after repentance. (Moses was
    said to be the meekest man in Israel. David wrote many Psalms witnessing his repentance and regret. Paul wrote epistles proving his desire and regret for persecuting the church of the Lamb of God.)

    In conclusion, the opening thesis: Those who condemn without mercy shall be subject to judgment without mercy, but mercy triumphs over judgment.

    in the Lord

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