• God's Punishment and Patience

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    God's ways are unsearchable ...

    I wondered why God waits so long to punish evil, so that even when the punishment comes, it seems as if God did not exist in the first place or at all?

    Answer: God could punish immediately. Solomon says that the hearts of men are prone to do a lot of evil if the judgment is delayed.

    But why then the Creator waits for years, decades, or even a millennium to punish evil?

    God wants to make absolutely sure that no new Lucifer appears in the kingdom of Heaven and seduces third of angels and the most of the mankind to rebel against God and try to overthrow His dominion.

    God is not an autocratic person, which we see from the way how He approached Adam in Paradise: He came so they could walk together in breeze. That's what we want: God as a friend and not an image of some king or pharaoh that will eventually kill you or
    make your life very hard and complicated if you do not submit to his authority.

    All authority stuff was invented because of Lucifer's rebellion, it was not needed in Paradise.

    So, if the punishment was immediate, or there was no opportunity to err or do wrong or sin, people could not be tested. Good and evil would enter Heaven or Paradise, and make it a world very much like this one.

    The system that doesn't forgive errors doesn't allow learning either, because inventing a new thing has 50% chance at least to involve an error and learning from errors.

    However, the systems that tolerate any error without a penalty may be unstable in terms of generating bad energy or karma in the spiritual realm.
    God had to deal with that, too. As His creation became prone to fault, error and sin, something was required to cancel out things on the justice scale.

    This is not you nor me, my friend, but the Lamb of God that came blameless and the only worthy sacrifice for the Perfect Man, Adam, who sinned and lost his privilege of walking with God on an evening breeze, for God cannot have part with evil, injustice,
    wrong, sin.

    Or, He could not, until He provided Himself with a sacrifice in the likeness of Abraham's ram: our Lord Jesus Christ, who was tested in every aspect in a worse-case scenario and did not yield nor flinch.

    If you wish to have a friendship with the Creator of the Universe in the likeness of what Adam had in Paradise, that may still be possible. You need to pray a simple prayer:

    Dear God Creator,
    I repent of my errors, mistakes, wrongs, evildoing and sins.
    Please receive me back as I deny Satan and accept Lord Jesus as Saviour in a prayer. Please guide me on the path of your salvation.

    in Jesus name

    In the Lord

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