From Jedi Master@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jun 21 04:18:57 2022
    The Putin regime lacks sufficient education in spiritual knowledge of reality distinguished from illusion and false ego for the ultimate welfare of all people regardless of race, religion, occupation, and national politics. Their misconception of the
    self and the world is based entirely on dialectical materialism, ultranationalism and violent politics not knowing its ultimate divisiveness and evil in the world.

    The knowledge of spiritual reality distinguished from materialistic illusion is also known as being twice born. That is one birth in the physical world and the second birth into the spiritual world which requires higher education in the science of
    spiritual self realization and human reason.

    The higher occupations namely priests intellectuals, military, police, government, and business merchants are required to be twice born otherwise they won't know how to govern their dependents and only create socio economic division, conflict and
    violence in the world. The dialectical materialists create unbeneficial horribe works meant to destroy the world. They steal political power and wealth by illegal means and terrorism for their own selfishness and greed also known as atheism, communism,
    socialism, ultra nationalism and fascism. They also destroy communnity welfare work and family traditions and always dwell in hell.

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