• The shame of it all

    From Lazarus Cain@21:1/5 to All on Sun May 15 11:32:04 2022
    The Western war against socialism can result in the end of mankind in more than one way.
    Other than the obvious, all out nuclear war, there are the les obvious but increasingly probable.
    I suppose Murphy's Law sums it all up.
    The effort to combat global warming has been put on hold until the US defeats Russia, whenever that happens.
    US will continue to print money until the fracturing point, but it is only credit, and credit can almost be created out of thin air by certain rich and powerful entities.
    Concerning the effort to go green, all I see is an effort by the US to squeeze out Russia as a natural gas supplier, so as to sell surplus US natural gas to newly dependent buyers.
    How about this effort to have automobile transportation to go electric, as if the electric energy production is not generated by burning natural gas, so where does US politicians get off by suggesting Europe give up the consumption of energy so US can
    continue its long standing crusade against comunism.
    You got it right, and I do not believe Biden read The Guns of August as he goads Europe into repeating a Versailles Treaty mistake. Yes, I call it Biden's War as he is merely finishing what he started in 2014

    Hunter Biden, Burisma, and control of the flow of natural gas through the Ukraine. Inspired by the Arab Spring and death of Khadafi, Biden and Clinton couldn't help but also involve CIA operations in the Ukraine to install a US friendly government in
    the Ukraine. The coup d'etat happened but also caused the current Ukrainian war. All the while, the US has been supplying Ukraine with weapons, at first covertly through Hunter Biden's outfit under the control of US Vice President and Secretary of State.

    Getting back to the upcoming famine, well, the world should be happy to endure it so that the US can succeed in its crusade against communism and socialism while claiming their God blesses such warfare. Yes, every side for some reason claims that God is
    on its side. Who am I to believe? Well, I can read scripture for myself and judge for myself who is right as if I have the power, but I have power of sight and vision.

    Well, the West is going backwards concerning the effort to combat global warming. It also conveniently announced the end of the COVID pandemic so as to provoke conflict with Russia.
    US is playing nuclear chicken with Russia as it continues to push NATO eastward.
    What happens when Russia takes non-nuclear lethal action against US military. Submarines sink US ships. US cities are targeted with nonnuclear weapons.
    Russia will provoke US to first use of nuclear weapons and it will all happen so fast during the administration of the sitting old, senile war hawk who was not elected to start any fucking war.
    US Congress is simply full of war hawks. I see no good reason why US Government is not in need of a major change to its Constitution, but its end will be prompted more by total economic collapse and a need for a new way of conducting social business.
    Chinese really do not want a drastic fault in world economic operations, but US is really going a bit too far as it behaves like number one world power with dictatorial attitude.
    US is a Roman style Republic governed by wealthy elected power brokers who are the "best" at their local game. A democracy in any part of the world is not what the US wants. True democracies, unlike Republics, cannot be governed by secret, backroom deals
    and bribes, or threats. There is absolutely nothing sacred about US Government institutions. That would be idolatry.
    What of the promise of solar powered energy, other than the free kind we already receive? Well, US gives it only lip service, as China proves itself as world leader. The clueless Biden suggests that US does not import the products, but should manufacture
    locally. The US is just too sanction happy as it sets the globe backwards 70+ years directing all resources in its never ending war against communist Russia and China.

    I am sick of it, as are the other local Americans I talk to. We are sick of the political excuses as the public pays the prices for the mistakes of our politicians and their global politics.

    US politicians able to get away with the war against Russia as long as US sons and daughters don't get killed, isn't that it?

    By the time that does happen, the objections to the war will be censored, but I am thinking massive student protests as they wish not to be cannon fodder.

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