• US is just like NAZI's concerning communism

    From Lazarus Cain@21:1/5 to All on Sun May 8 09:33:19 2022
    USA as defender of elitist capitalism is on an endless crusade against communism.
    The main objective of Hitler's NAZI war effort was to eliminate communism.
    US tolerated Hitler during the 1930's for this reason.
    US during the 1930's discriminated against Jews and Black people, and Catholics. Bad habit of our grandparents.

    Ukraine by Western definition is not NAZI, but by Russian standards US allies and Nazi Germany have or had the same strategic objectives: to direct military might to defeat communism.

    This is Biden's War just s much Putin's war.

    This war is a good way for Biden to conceal the involvement of Hunter Biden's presence on the Ukrainian gas company Burismo as it also provided a front for CIA operations in Ukraine during Obama/Bide/Clinton's efforts to support the Maidan Revolution
    and Ukraine's efforts against Russia in 2014

    Too weak to effectively prosecute any of the Trump's, Biden still finds Hunter Biden to be subject to more limelight as the GOP gains power.

    Not that I agree with the GOP nor Russia, we see Biden wll be under intense fire and criticism concerning Hunter's figurehead presence on the Board of Directors while Biden and Clinton coordinated the overthrow of the Russian friendly Ukrainian
    government while subsequently providing CIA support and weapons to the US friendly Ukrainian government of 2014.

    Yes, both Trump and Biden are guilty of what they are publicly accused of, but as powerful politicians, they will never be successfully indicted and prosecuted.

    Biden almost caused nuclear war while Trump never did.

    That is a big difference.

    Biden is a war hawk and is too senile to lead any US war.

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