• Re: Can Technology Save Soul and Bring Eternal Life?

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Fri May 6 12:43:56 2022
    For brevity sake, it was said here that microchips are made of silicon much like flint stone. Flint stone is actually SiO2, the silicon dioxide.

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    Once upon a time, a futurist scientist said about man's future being that
    of being downloaded into a digital AI brain.

    However, this is not a happy prospect: remember the Robocop movie?
    In Robocop 1, a policeman was killed and his brain was attached to a
    robot body. He continued to do good things as in this life.

    But in Robocop 2, a power greedy scientist made a Robocop would-be
    successor from a criminal, addicted to narcotic, special drug that would guarantee his compliance to orders, obedience and submission. Other
    than obeying his masters, he could do much whatever he wanted. (Does
    this remind you of someone?)

    Now, imagine the torment this brain felt when he was in col turkey
    phase and no senses nor means to satisfy his craving?

    Future inside a digital mind might be just like that: holy or righteous minds would probably continue to do their holiness and righteousness like the
    brains they have been downloaded from. But the evil and addicted minds
    would be in eternal torment unable to satisfy their cravings and lusts
    without a body or senses, like some kind of digital Tantalus.

    (Tantalus was the guy who offered his baked son to Greek gods for
    supper and they sentenced him to eternal torment in the lake of water which would subside whenever he would try to drink in his scourging thirst,
    and under a fruitful tree that would back up whenever he would try to
    pluck a fruit and eat in his devouring hunger.)

    So, imagine a TikTok addicted mind in an digital brain and without the
    natural means to defend itself from perpetual downloading. Even without
    the dopamine shot, the mind is addicted and would download more and
    more content until the network would be saturated. That would either
    lead to transcendence, or to ruin of the mind. But we see much more people ruined by heroin than transcending its use if they ever tried it. That doesn't mean that heroin is also good.

    If you are addicted yourself, God can bring you out of your addiction in Christ.
    Just pray a prayer like this one:

    Dear Father God Creator,
    I regret my past mistakes, errors, evil deeds and sins.
    I regret my addictions.
    Please make Jesus my Lord and Saviour and bring me out of addictions and
    into eternal life.
    in Jesus name

    This should suffice for "Whoever calleth the name of the LORD shall be saved." (Joel 2:32, Romans 10:13).

    Today is the day of the salvation!

    What about the technology? Once upon a time someone said that there
    is not God because humans created microchips out of silicon like flint
    stone. I argued that matter with such properties as to make billions of transistors per square inch could not come to existence by chance. It
    must have had a Designer, much like microchips never occur by random
    smashing a flintstone against flintstone (though you might get nice sparks). Intelligent Designer is the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
    LORD Jehovah.

    Here is a sermon about technology and God from an old Russian friend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90mj79GqWhc

    in the Lord

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