• Want to contact CIA from Russia? Agency points to darknet

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    CIA is providing Russian-language instructions on how those who feel
    compelled by the Russian Government's unjust war can securely contact
    us," the post's caption read.

    "Our global mission demands that individuals be able to reach CIA
    securely from anywhere," it continued.

    Included in the instructions are steps on how Russians can download a
    Tor browser, which anonymizes one's web activity to protect it against
    tracking and surveillance.

    The CIA advised that tentative informants not use their personal
    computers to download a Tor browser as it may link back to their

    Additionally, users should make sure that their web browser is updated
    and running in private mode.

    If Russians are not able to download a Tor browser safely, they must
    enable a VPN before attempting to contact the CIA, the post said.

    A VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, is a program that
    helps to both encrypt one's internet traffic and hide their online

    "Do not use a VPN whose provider is based in Russia, China, or any
    other countries that are considered unfriendly to the United States,"
    the CIA said in Russian.




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