• New Russia

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Wed May 4 11:14:35 2022
    I certainly would not opt for some "destruction of Russia", but merely deputinisation. And a non-violent one, with the role-model of the lustration
    of East Germany, which was also non-lethal.

    I can't speak for the Western allies, but the structure of the sanctions
    speak for themselves: they appear to be targeted against Mr. Putin
    and his closest oligarchs, not against the little (or should I say "common") Russian guy and people.

    IMHO, there should be a some sort of Marshall plan for Russia after
    Mr. Putin is defeated, with generous victors playing game to reconstruct, rather than destroy, much like West Germany after WW2.

    This may also be just a dream ...

    But man can dream, can't he?

    in the Lord

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