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    In the movie "Spartacus" Peter Ustinov plays a character whom noble patrititius rich man gives two
    million sesterciums to deliver Varinia, Spartacus's wife and her child to safety and freedom he bought for her as well, just to annoy and frustrate plans of the wicked emperor.
    Peter Ustinov is famous for the quote: "For such kind of money, I could bribe Jupiter himself."
    The reply was: "I have bribed him for less."

    Indeed, when I reflect upon my life, it seems that it had favoured the ones with money, like in my country,
    likewise in post communist countries, but also in the West. And the life and natural selection did not
    ask about the origin of such money and whether it was made honestly and righteously.

    Women and girls assumed that the ones with money have the right genes they wished to procreate,
    despite dubious (or even criminal) means money was made with. A rich guy in Croatia never has problems
    with getting laid or married several times over.

    The weak or ill person is automatically deprecated, made a "beta" male.

    Even in the church, my contributions were frowned upon and questioned for the right motives, but
    tycoon ones never had. And the tycoons and rich people were blessed both in this life and the next.
    They appeared to have bribed even God Himself.

    It seems that God had chosen to forget the origin of their wealth and the means of acquisition if they
    gave also to His causes and for the church and charity.

    The righteous seem deprecated in the natural selection and can only procreate less children and/or
    indirectly, by converting some of the rich children in handsome cars to faith.

    Tell me I'm wrong. I wasn't the only one who did not marry, but quite a few guys who did not want to
    sell - even if they were healthy, they were deprecated, as females chose comfortable lives. They
    would rather live as the third or second sponsored concubine than to be a married wife to a poor guy
    who did not have perspective.

    It seems that I had to make a deal with God thinking that He owes me something for my honesty,
    but that wasn't true: He preferred rich people, too, no matter the origin of the wealth. So did life, girls and women.

    This is how it seems to me.

    in the Lord

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