• US use of nuclear weapons in WWII is a war crime

    From Lazarus Cain@21:1/5 to All on Tue Apr 26 16:28:38 2022
    If US still refuses to recognize its use of nuclear weapon during WWII not a war crime, then Russia would be able to justify use of nukes against Ukraine to immediately end war and save millions of lives from conventional combat, since Ukraine has
    perhaps over 20 million citizens who may be used as the reserves to man the US supplies weapons and other support.
    Russia has a few million potential soldiers as well.

    The conflict will otherwise go on for years as no side will be able to prove a decisive victory over the other.

    Mind you, I am not suggesting the use of nuclear weapons is called for. What is called for is the admission by the US that its use of nuclear weapons during WWII is a war crime so as to prevent the repetition of any such war crimes in the future.

    What? No apology?
    I didn't think so.
    US instead doubles down on its long standing position; so the Cold War continues on indefinitely.

    Nuking the steel plant will not work by the way since it is a fallout shelter and built by the Russians to withstand a US nuclear attack on Mariupol. US is afraid of Russia using that fentanyl laced tear gas liked Russia used to
    clear the terrorists from that theater a few years back. US would claim that is using chemical weaponry and create a big stink about it, but I really have doubts or do not think it is a chemical weapon if it is not intended to kill, but merely used as a
    means to safely capture the enemy while sparing as many civilians as possible held hostage... Noted the gas used to clear the theater did kill some.

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