• Hey, Reality Check : ..if it wasn't for me personally, you would all al

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    I'm targeting a chyote boat, labled "The World" which can't do sailing without it's japanese gps transponder which is proving it goes back and forth between russia and montery, ca (and other U.S.) ports dumping about 1000 illegal alien soviet each time
    which I have eyewitnessed twice, (even 3rd party sold their crew a 1/4oz bag of really good indica), which has been operating for decades, because their illegal dumps of sh't for money here didn't migrate itself nor plans while illegally here to do
    anything but piracy, crime, and actions against authentic U.S. citizens and america as a soviet union colonization and takeover attempt, plus the fact they will continue till handled.
    While is legal to blow them up in water trying to enter from sovia with illegal cargo (I might call that SUBhuman trafficing)..
    I want to confiscate that boat and park it next to the queen mary and the spuce goose, which I want to move from avalon back to marin county.

    Also, I'll target every moter vehicle passing into america via canada that can't drive in between the lines or without highbeam even if flicked at with prejudice..

    ... then I'm probably going to target the soviets at DMV, HLS, CIA, The Whitehouse, DOJ, ARMY, AND NAVY.



    Hey, Reality Check : ..if it wasn't for me personally, you would all already have two intelivision/atari/colico/nintendo/famicom/japan peepees with a button on top, rentedness to old sick men and sold for dowery. South Florida excepts anybody more than
    soviet jesus, but warns them of class 3-6 hurricanes.. if your an idiot in S. Florida, in a trailer during such, chaining it to something, especialy if during august, expect up to 244 mph winds carrying objects, and that you would have much better luck
    turning your chained trailer on it's side.

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