• I Pray For Sense and Reason

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Wed Apr 13 13:14:18 2022
    Mr. Vladimir Putin, though I respect him and his reasons, has made some
    very obviously wrong choices even for a KBG agent.

    He failed to predict that Sweden and Finland will seek to join NATO if
    Ukraine is brutally prevented from it and he also makes public his
    intentions to install nuclear missiles in Belarus.

    He is also contradictory, as if he has split mind politics: one for him
    and his free extension of nuke placement, and the other for the rest
    of the world.

    Russians are thought in the West to respond poorly to reason and
    logic arguments and react best to arguments of force. I do not subscribe
    to this point of view, being introduced somewhat to Russian classic
    literature and Russian science. And last, but not least, Russian renown computer professionals and notorious hackers.

    All of this requires logic. Maybe in an authoritarian regime it is safer
    to look at your boss doing an obvious blunder out of embarrassment
    and the intimidation of the consequences if you stood up to him.
    But you did not and thousands of Russians needlessly died.
    Some of them are still waiting on the fields devoured by the beast,
    until they are hopefully identified by their DNA and sent to their
    beloved. It grieves me that this happened to a plain Russian conscript
    soldier who thought he was going to a military exercise.

    But, then again, I wonder who did the destruction of a ward of a
    nursery clinic in Mariupol and who did awful stuff in Buča.
    It is said: "What you take won't kill you, but careful what you're giving."

    The enemy has no power to destroy your soul, only your own wrong
    choices can.

    I fail to see the need for an authoritarian system of operation for
    I consider myself one of the peers or first of the equals at best.
    But probably if one starts to eliminate his enemies in odd ways,
    he is forced to close oneself with more paranoid protection.
    This is also due to the New World Order, for last citizen president
    Olof Palme was assassinated just like that.

    How regrettable.

    Did we promise so much in the 80s when we sent Voyagers to search
    out planetary alignment, had a supernova in 1987 and saw the communism collapse. Did we squander the chance to create a new and better world
    forever? Are the only options left the nuclear Armageddon, the Beast and
    the Antichrist?

    The West had its own fault in this and we are not innocent. Instead of
    new Marshall plan for the post communist countries, Russia was
    delivered to an order which turned its most beautiful girls into
    prostitutes and the nukes were nearly proliferated to world terrorist
    at best offer at the hand of corrupt military.

    There was a need for a firm hand. And this firm hand appeared to be
    Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin. For better or for worse.

    If you want to understand Mr. Putin you must try a cold shower after
    hot water. You must be ready to embrace some pain to see some gain.
    I do not doubt Mr. Putin is ready for that.

    I believe he wants sincerely stronger and holy Russia, but he chose
    wrong methods. Increasing lebensraum and military power do not
    work alone. It had been tried already.

    If Russia wants to be the leader of the free world and the poor and
    non-aligned countries, it will have to consider the little man, the
    little Ukrainian, and stop acting like a bear who had been given
    permission to devour much flesh.

    in the Lord

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