• "Love Vigilantes"

    From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Sun Apr 10 08:40:23 2022
    As the little Russian is forced (sometimes by authority of fear,
    sometimes at point blank) to kill or die in execution of a "special
    military operation", little Ukrainian is dying without any influence
    on his or her government's policy but being obliged to support
    it in distress and danger for the survival of the nation.

    Mr. Putin made a crucial mistake to make little people pay for
    the big blocks settling their accounts.

    I fully understand Mr. Putin's concerns about the possibility that
    Russia may be surrounded by nuclear ballistic missiles with
    far too few minutes to react in the possible world Armageddon
    situation. But fear is the ultimate enemy. Relying upon the LORD
    brings man into the shelter of faith (Proverbs 29:25).

    Man can never neutralise all of his enemies, this is a futile
    attempt. Needless to say, but the means chosen, many died
    who did not deserve to die and I have to assert on both sides:
    equally unprepared conscripts, thinking they are going on an
    exercise without any experience in combat. And the poor
    Ukrainian who was forced to defend his family.

    Are the thermobaric bombs on the general population in big cities
    the right answer to the alleged "Nazification" of the Ukrainian
    army and the state?

    Such weapons of mass destruction are not justified by the
    fact that they might have already been used in Iraq or Syria.
    Somehow Ukrainian situation hit us "closer to home and too
    near the bone".

    Maybe we are inherently racist and we care or get hurt more
    when Caucasian, Slavonic people are killed - as it turns for nothing.

    There are already healthy forces of the Bald Eagle that question the justification and execution of the use of weapons and methods of mass destruction in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Lybia. Such a force
    doesn't seem to exist in the realm of the Great Bear.
    The oligarch system doesn't seem to be able to deal with its
    errors with methods other than eliminating dissent.

    To prevent mankind to go down the slope, the solution is not to
    adopt the worst practices of the adversary, but to "overcome evil
    with good", and supplant them with new good paradigms.

    One of them is refraining from the mass destruction of cities, as
    the world pulled back from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, suddenly
    realising the victim in what seemed to be merciless brutal
    aggression force.

    This is the difference between a fight between boxers that
    stop and wait when the opponent is knocked down, as opposed
    to the beast that will devour the prey instead.

    The Ukrainians now seem to be willing to adopt the neutral
    status and dedicate and bind themselves to a new non-nuclear
    proliferation as in the Budapest Memorandum of 1994.
    Why continue to destroy the country and the nation needlessly,
    making two brotherly nations enemies with wounds that may
    need centuries to heal?

    I do not hate any Russian, nor Mr. Vladimir Putin. I respect him
    and his arguments. But he thinks like KGB and he misses some
    important moves in this game of chess on the board.

    There is no ultimate price for peace, and it has the highest value.
    The prosperity of any good and noble endeavour depends on it.

    in the Lord

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  • From Raskolynikov@21:1/5 to All on Sun Apr 10 10:49:38 2022
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