• The French election matters

    From Lazarus Cain@21:1/5 to All on Sun Apr 10 07:43:18 2022
    Democracy in other nations may choose for a better path to lower energy and food costs by slowing NATO support for Ukraine. The people may be more interested in relieving domestic issues rather than supporting the US led war against Russia in the
    Ukraine. After Napoleon's retreat from Moscow, France has little interest in another Ukrainian war.
    In 2024 US will choose a different President so as to end the conflict. Current US policy is to arm a prolonged insurgency in Easter Ukraine. US took over the fight against communism in Indochina from France in the 50's and see where that led to. China
    has proven that a communist state can prosper.
    US wants to take out Russia first. If successful, US will then target China by choking off China's energy, but China approaching green energy objectives while US far from it. US does wish to dominate natural gas market for next century.
    Will Le Pen win? That would be interesting. Any Nostradamus predictions concerning France here, for interests sake?

    Le Pen stuck to her focus on retail politics, traveling up and down the country talking to voters about the impact of the conflict on their wallets. She pitched the race as a battle of David versus Goliath, stoking the perception of Macron as a “
    president of the rich” who can’t understand the struggles of ordinary people to cope with surging food and energy costs.

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