• Commies do not like pot, so they will lose Ukraine war

    From Lazarus Cain@21:1/5 to All on Sat Apr 9 05:31:09 2022
    People's Daily does not have it right all the time.
    It is true that after Vietnam that USA developed a taste for marijuana. It is actually better for the body than Russian vodka and American cigarettes. Some even claim that the communists in Vietnam encouraged its sale to US troops in Vietnam, along with
    heroin, an opiate derivative
    Has the West ever fought China concerning the opium trade and the ability to supply morphine, another opiate derivative.
    Marijuana has a soothing effect. Unlike alcohol and Hitler's methamphetamine, it makes one less inclined to maim and kill others. Military does not tolerate its use as it makes a soldier less inclined to wish to play military games.
    Use of marijuana and anti-war activism was quite common in the 60's and 70's, and now US Government is gradually liberalizing the laws against marijuana.
    There is still a large anti-marijuana sentiment in the USA, and, you got it, those most likely to oppose war in Ukraine might also be the same to disregard government anti-marijuana efforts and enjoy their freedom to use the product.
    China and Russia have zero tolerance for its use by all reports.
    The point here is that use of marijuana and advances in civil rights within the US did not come without a struggle against the neo-nazi, right wing dombasses infecting the US and world population. Neo-azi dombasses love to persecute minorities, beat up
    black and muslim minorities, deny Puerto Rico and COVID victims money it is willing to waste on Ukrainian weapons.
    Even now right wing, neo-nazis will still keep marijuana illegal still at a Federal level while the more democratic states have decided to bend to the will of the majority.
    In US, it is popular to support US sponsored foreign wars as long as no US lives are lost. Isn't that special, but now we can see how US does this at a gross level which no one can ignore.
    Only a few idealists will speak up against the US effort, but at the moment that is a tiny minority, but the majority hates the increased cost of the war. It will not take much time before the public sentiment changes as a hungry and energy starved world
    demands an immediate change to the situation.
    Pot smokers also worry about climate warming and other issues not war related. Pot smokers would wish the US to quit wasting so much on military spending and spend a little more on health care for the people, but corporations are not really people and
    corporations do not really need health care, only corporate employees need health care since they are the people.
    All in US know that corporations have all the power and the people have very little as we struggle each day for a living.
    So China and Russia are seriously wrong about certain things.
    I try to see both sides, but my way of seeing things is not the norm nor is it respected; it is considered left-wing extremist.
    Hence, I can call them neo-nazi right-wing fascists here in the US as my political enemy. At much as I hate them, I cannot take an automatic rifle to the streets and gun them down. Right-wing neo-nazi Rittenhouses might feel different though, but it does
    border on hate crime.

    With all this said, I still do agree with the Chinese government about certain things. I do defend the freedom to think independently of government propaganda which says a lot in today's environment. I evn served on board a submarine to defend freedom,
    but my rights are not civil guarantees in America still. There is much still wrong with US law and it is not worth dying to satisfy American hegemonic interests. There are limits.

    U.S. not "guardian" of human rights, but hypocrite
    By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily) 13:37, April 09, 2022
    Europe is going through a hard time given the spillover effects of the Ukraine crisis and the massive influx of refugees. To strive for an early ceasefire and avoid further escalation of the humanitarian crisis is a common aspiration of the most of the

    However, as an initiator of the Ukraine crisis, the U.S. is on one hand claiming that all democratic countries should help Ukrainian refugees, and on the other hand passing the buck, making European countries shoulder the consequences.

    While claiming to be a "human rights beacon" and a "guardian of human rights," the U.S. only once again exposed its true colors by prioritizing hegemony over human rights. As a matter of fact, it's not a "guardian," but a hypocrite.

    The U.S. is inevitably responsible for the current refugee crisis in Europe. The White House stated previously that it would welcome Ukrainians displaced "with open arms," but it's ironic that according to U.S. Department of State, the U.S. received only
    seven refugees between March 1 and 16, while European countries accepted millions.

    American news magazine Newsweek confirmed that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detained at least five Ukrainians, and transferred one to an ICE detention center in Louisiana.

    Recently, the U.S. made a promise to accept another 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. Even if the promise is fulfilled, let alone if it's not, it is only nickel-and-dime for solving the Ukrainian refugee issue.

    Over 80 years ago, British international relations theorist Edward Carr warned the world that the U.S. is a "master in the art of concealing its selfish national interests." Today, the outbreak and escalation of the Ukraine crisis once again revealed
    that the U.S. never cares about human rights, but is simply good at utilizing them to defend its hegemony.

    The racist remarks frequently made by some U.S. politicians and media organizations when they talked about the Ukraine crisis and Ukrainian refugees have sparked widespread resentment among relevant countries and peoples.

    An international expert pointed out that fabricating rhetoric in favor of its own geopolitics and economic agenda under the disguise of human rights, the U.S. has exposed its deep-rooted hypocrisy and self-centeredness, as well as its true intention to
    protect American hegemony.

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