• Myst, Magic, Tradewars Hyperturbo, and Subspace Continuum

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    ..f'k vec, f'k atari, f'k ...
    ..turbografix16 and nintendo/famicom metroid looked good, I got a subspace/continuum hyperhandle with a 4th spacial dimension.. wanna pay $5 for a non-free account as they try to get pennies or nickes off you telling you they will pay into your paypal
    account if you can achive past their sh't and make them?? ..stagedive!

    I left you a message on the 2nd green page. To unlock the 2 green pages, find the last red, white, and blue pages but don't take them. Myst requires some abandonware win95 components and at least sdl-2 to play.
    Magic requires some abandonware Win95/98/ME or NT4-NT5 and some abandonware DirectX components to play.
    Password for turbo is my first name, and network play requires at least ipx, serial, or tcp.
    TWv3hyperturbo will be up again soon, (which already clocked at 48hops (tw) in a sixteen billionth of a second anywhere on earth even with 100 users simultaniously.
    Subspace Contiuum server will be up again soon, seeking a co-sys for that who would rather make the subgames and maps than stupid bots, must have experience.


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