• Russia will not and cannot show all the dead from starvation and diseas

    From Lazarus Cain@21:1/5 to All on Tue Apr 5 09:54:19 2022
    Echoing through my brain concerning the modern war coverage is how the media will go out of this world as they report on the aftermath of a siege.

    Refusing to surrender only invites death to an unknown number in Mariupol, but who truly is responsible when surrender is declined?
    It takes two to tango, and any true jury would be deadlocked.
    I really can' answer, other than to avoid war.
    Bear in mind war in Donbass was already in progress February 1st, and Ukraine has been the wartime aggressor between 2014 and 2022 with material support from Washington. It is not inaccurate to define this as Joe Biden's war. Any fool would know Putin
    would not do this if Trump was President.
    I hate Trump, but I think Biden is a senile fool following the lead of not so competent advisors, selected more by race, gender and sexual orientation rather than the proper skills.

    We still have a global warming problem but Biden's preference for an American hegemony . rather than a true an international democracy takes the world backwards over 60 years geopolitically and farther away from defeating globing warming in time to
    avoid another global disaster

    A few dead bodies on a street and a grave is much less than what could be revealed when Mariupol is fully under Russian control. It is logical to assume that the fortunate are evacuated to a Russia until the end of the war.
    Because of the nature of the war propaganda, it is unlikely that Western media will be allowed within Mariupol any time soon as there certainly could be scores of thousands dead, as a result of the bombardment.

    Certainly, in the other cities within the Donbass which are under Ukrainian control should evacuate all non-combatants, which means that the soldiers do not go back to their families when off watch. When they lose their families or relatives stay dumb,
    innocents suffer in war. Who is responsible for such crimes? Who is responsible for the war since 2014?

    Refusal to terminate hostilities till Russia surrenders Crimea?

    See the fantasyland in which the West resides.?

    So what is our leaders teaching our young?
    Solve conflicts by accelerating threats or bu sacrificing pride and reaching an agreement acceptable to both?

    The war can be easily ended if US and Ukraine would quit certain demands and simply "Make A Deal", like Donald Trump will when he is reelected in preference to Biden.

    Not that I like Donald Trump, but it seems the entire USA is bent on aggravating Russia and China until nuclear war does break out. USA can lose its democracy but the world population would survive.

    From afar, it seems that a democracy can not be counted on to achieve the best ad most logical solution. The world prefers a god or an authoritarian to rule, it seems.

    Well there is our GOD , Creative Force or LORD of this Universe, as we, as mankind, discover the secrets of nature so as to fabricate our sciences with mathematical and logical certainty. Yes, we do all bow down to the force of nature, knowing full well
    that nature does not simply obey our will, rather, we must adapt ourselves to fit in with surrounding natural world. There is a common base of knowledge respected by all nations to this day, but fighting as to who may have access is rather non-
    constructive and even destructive to the general peace. Which is what we have now.

    Forcing nature to bow to the whims of the West is not to be advised.

    America loves guns and war. We still remember how America stole land from the Indian, and also Mexico.

    Zelensky, by ordering no surrender and fight to last man in Mariupol is just as responsible for any civilian casualties as is Russia.

    The Russian cleanup of Mariupol will be done when under Russian control, and Russia will pay to rebuild, but will not surrender city back to Ukraine. This is not Zelensky's fantasyland and Zelensky is trying to act like world dictator. Biden holds him
    in check simply by restraint of fighter jets. but Zelensky seems to want this to be a third world war in order to regain the Crimea.

    The talks cannot be going well, and there is so much vitriol, too much.

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