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    We can see the withdrawal from Kiev region falls in line with Russia's peace proposal.
    However, Ukraine's inflexibility concerning the Donbass and especially Crimea would suggest that the war will go on indefinitely.
    US will continue to impose sanctions as long as NATO has no chance of gaining a navy base at Sevastopol

    Medinsky said that among other things agreed-on by the sides during the talks in Istanbul last week were Kiev’s abstention from the deployment of foreign troops, bases and any offensive strike weapons on Ukrainian territory, the fielding and production
    of weapons of mass destruction, and the staging of drills with foreign militaries without consent from guarantor states, including Russia.

    However, Medinsky disagreed with Ukraine’s top negotiator David Arakhamia, who’d earlier claimed that Moscow accepted Kiev’s stance on all points except for the Crimea issue.

    Italy ready to guarantee Ukraine’s neutral status
    Read more Italy ready to guarantee Ukraine’s neutral status
    “I object,” the Russian wrote, insisting that Moscow’s position on the status of Crimea and the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk remained “unchanged.”

    Moscow is demanding that Kiev officially recognize Crimea as part of Russia and the republics in Donbass as independent states

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