• Anti-drone electronic warfare device for foot soldier basic concept

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    A more interesting aspect is the onset of drone warfare with associated unknowns.
    The drone with a machine gun seems to be the darling of the video game generation. The TIKAD is the first and only Unmanned Aerial Solution (UAS) armed with lightweight firearms. If the FORCE is strong in you, you can navigate those trenches like you are
    attacking the Death Star.
    The other marvelous technology makes these devices the hottest items to be desired on the battlefield.
    Not much longer before the war machines are all unmannned with machine intelligence or remote control.
    As far as the Russian soldier outside the communication loop, he misses the newest chatter. Semiconductor technology allows for lightweight microwave antidrone devices. Driving innovation, Epirus chose Gallium Nitride (GaN) because of its ability to
    operate at high voltages with low temperatures, high power density, to reduce the size (S), weight (W) and power (P) of its products. Chips from Taiwan needed here.
    Epirus’ Leonidas systems are not constrained by magazine depth nor capacity and offer a far more cost-effective solution to countering electronic threats as compared to kinetic approaches, which can cost millions for a single munition. Epirus HPM
    achieves rapid firing on any target with near-instant effects, without reloading or overheating. Both Leonidas and Leonidas Pod are interoperable by design and their scalability allows for seamless compatibility with partner systems in support of a fully
    integrated counter-electronics kill chain.

    Drone detection and antidrone measures then required to protect against a dreaded machine gun drone.
    Microwave the devices, but bullets still needed to kill.

    Of course, Ukraine wants all this for free.

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