• Trump to negotiate Ukraine war for US?

    From Lazarus Cain@21:1/5 to All on Tue Mar 29 12:15:33 2022
    Doesn't appear that Zelensky will ever negotiate a true peace because of Crimea. Shall we call it Zelensky's Crimean War as he sends the last of his Light Brigade in a fruitless Charge in Mariupol.?

    So Zelensky will wait to negotiate with Trump then, concerning Crimea and the Donbas? . . . That should prove interesting, yet, is it the actual will of the present America which will reinstate Trump in preference to Biden? Anticipated is two years of a
    lame duck President when Democrats lose in November. But aren't we to congratulate Biden for triggering this new war in the Ukraine? After all, he insisted on not allowing Nor Stream II to go into operation when the majority of America truly did not care
    that the pipeline would go into operation as it was no concern of main stream America, especially if it helped to keep cost of energy low. Trying to be bipartisan, Biden bowed to the hawks and Republicans who hated communism and wanted the pipeline
    closed. By doing this, Biden betrayed his liberal support, and their support for the Democratic Party then becomes damaged. We do not want another Vietnam nor Korea, but Biden has created one by wishing to reignite the Cold War so as to fight Russia

    Zelensky has made it clear that Kiev will assert sovereignty over the entire territory that Ukraine had when it declared independence in 1991, saying there could be no compromise on this point.

    Shall we spin the wheel of fate then?
    The sack approaches, fire and great bloodshed.
    Dnieper the great river, the enterprise for the clowns;
    after a long wait from Washington and Kiev,
    Pokrovsk, Slovyansk the capture at Mariupol.

    (An anagram of sorts)

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